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CSA0310: Okuu: Be the 6-ball that you are and roam about above ground.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You are now ...

Wait, what? This isn't UTSUHO! Dammit, not another OC! ... And how did the point of view shift this many years in the past!?

> Aya: Bother the Miko, part 2.

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For some reason I kind of feel a bit responable for that, but at the same time I'm rather intrigued on what has been done though. lol

Kitsune Inari

Who's this? Is she young Okuu before she got her termonuclear powers? Is she Okuu's mom? Is she an entirely different OC? Does anyone know how much are four hundred drachmas? Tune in next day, same ⑥-time, same ⑥-channel!


I spy a control rod and a fission foot, so thermonuclear powers are pretty much a given.

Spirit Tsunami

Not so fast, Muffin. We want answers. And answers for this likely mean finding Okuu...which means we still need to find Cirno.


@ ED
Yeah, I'm fairly sure that it's the Yatagarasu, before she(?) died.

@ Inkerius
Actually, the concrete foot is the Fusion Foot. The Fission Foot is the one with electrons circling it.



huh, interesting, I never actually noticed that they were assigned that way. I had always figured that it was the fission foot because its meant to represent the Uranium/Zirconium slag all over the ground under the Chernobyl reactor


Ok to fix this:

>Orin: Ask Utsuho were she got that outfit.

Well for one thing I do know that Okuu is Utsuho's nickname now, and I thought I made a typo on my part.

Also, my guess I think Muffin wanted to go a bit further with my random command line. So my guess would be that she found a new outfit to wear and wanted to show off.

Formica Archonis

We've seen into the future, we've seen into the past. I think our time-space visualizer needs a good whack on the side. 0r we need to try exploiting this far more.


I agree we must exploit this glitch that we have found. Besides it might make things a bit more interesting in a sense.


Yatagarasu finally took over Utsuho's mind?
By the way, the condition for us to "posess" people was for them to be about ten feet from the spores for us to possess, righ? How is it that we can now see Utsuho?


(Double Post, YAY!) Man, I should start using the preview to see if it helps me prevent writing two times the same thing in the same sentence.


Well Muffin did say that we kind of went back in time with what he posted. So I'm guessing our so-called time space visualizer is more or less acting up for no reason. So with this moment it might be sometime a few days before the SA mishap.


@Eletale: That only mattered in Act One, which ran on weird postmodern shit embodied by the spores. Act Two runs on weird modern shit, in which we are meant to understand that commands exist as a narrative device to promote the resemblance to a text adventure game, but are generally not embodied by anything in the story.


I'm wondering if this is the same timeframe as the other slip into the past...

(Of course, if this is Yatagarasu, it implies that we are waaay back in the past!)


Wait wait wait wait... wait.

I'm the ONLY ONE who sees the Samurai Jack reference?
Aku = Okuu?
Far in the past?

or am i just clutching at straws?

Dizzy H. Muffin

I didn't even notice there was anything remotely possibly related to Samurai Jack until I saw your post there. So no. :P


@Project_Mars: What has been seen can not now be unseen. And thank you very much for getting that Ear Worm stuck in my head.

Netto Takashi

If I recall correctly, the spores were first released from a geyser at 4:65 AM some time in the past. Aya blamed Yukari and wrote an article all about it. So this person, be it Okuu, Yatagarasu, the sun god, or someone else entirely, may well have been within range of the spores.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Nah, that was the beginning of the plot of Subterranean Animism.