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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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Daiyousei: Finish off the fairy and check on Masha.


..way to go, Daiyousei!

>Uh... try to help out Masha?

Player Three

You shot Masha, you teamkilling fucktard!

>Daiyousei: With the rookie...out of the picture, administer the coup de grace to the doomfairy.

>Aya: Sense a momentary disturbance in the Force, like a newborn was struck down.


Not what I had in mind when I said "DO SOMETHING!" but lets move shall we?
>Daiyousei: Finish off the fairy, not like you can do any more harm to Masha now.
>Masha: Use a "Continue" to get back into the game. We were all once newbies in the fighting art of "Damaku"


Dai:Distract the deathfairy with something shiny and take Masha home.

Dai: use Masha's blank paper to fold origami.

Hakurou Musha


> Ran: Radiance of Shikigami 「Charming Siege From All Directions」


> Daiyousei: Go ahead, see if you can do a triple combo.


>Masha: Don't die. Use a Continue then go hide while Daiyousei deals with this.

Not like these things have bad endings anyway, right?...I probably jinxed it.

Formica Archonis

Not like these things have bad endings anyway, right?...I probably jinxed it.

Would spontaneously lead to a horde of readers declaring discontinuity and imagining their own Happy Ending in which Masha and (whoever they want for an OTP) ride off into the sunset for lots of snuggles.

But remember, this is the continuity where a youkai can take a Master Spark to the face and just wind up in a threesome with two Marisas TIME PARADOX. So I'm not too worried about the moeshroom being food for her mundane kin yet.


>Daiyousei: Slap the fairy. Very hard.

Formica Archonis


>Daiyousei: Slap the fairy. Very hard.

Different kind of facepalm, there.

>Daiyousei: The fairy is probably confused by watching the freakout, ineffective danmaku, and the teamkill. Finish her off while she's confused. Then head for Masha and go into triage mode, possibly followed by disapproving instructor mode. If all else fails, then find Medicine and Flandre and try their patience.

(I'm sorry.)

>Masha: Say 'owies', focus on not dying, chalk this up to a lesson learned the hard way, try to develop patience under fire and better positional awareness. You are also forbidden from making new spell cards until you've mastered the old ones.


... We are the worst stage three boss ever.

>Daiyousei: This is getting ridiculous. Dispatch the doomfairy. Wake up Masha. Proceed to find Nineball. Then it's time for Moeshroom boot camp.

>Masha: Be adorable. Cry.


Is it too late for Masha to counter-bomb?


Shouldn't Masha start out with some extra lives anyway? If you're going to take game mechanics seriously and all that. `.`

I always thought of friendly character's danmaku as not causing damage, like some kind of magical IFF... Having to dodge your friend's attacks as well as your foes is a bit much. (And it'd be even worse if they ever make a Touhou fighting game with 2v2 matches and it works like that...)


Aya: arrive at the MAlice household and find it in quarantine
Cirno: get bored and start roaming
Marisa: attack the dream gods with hallucinogenic fueled master spark

just some ideas

Tewi Inonymous

>Masha: Priority #1) Don't die. Go crazy go nuts and MURDER EVERYTHING. Once everything in a five mile radius has been leveled by mushroom sparks you can regain your senses.


> Masha and Daiyousei: No no no, that's not the way it happened. Shall I start again?
> Quickly take a level in competence.

Player Three

I just thought.

>Masha: Realize that danmaku doesn't actually hurt all that much, and get back up to try again.


But they don't have hands to do facepalms!... Do they?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Like hell I'm going to go to the effort of drawing hands in Create.swf ;P

Player Three

Yeah. Muffin's an artist, not a miracle worker.


>Masha: Use one of your remaining lives you normally get, and stay back and watch how it's done.

>Daiyousei: Negotiate with the fairy since I'm sure she'll just let you guys go. Also, check on Masha's condition to make sure she's alright. After that scold her for panicing on the field.

>Masha: Cry wehn Masha scolds you for your mistakes like a little Moeshroom should.

>Yukari: Fell good about yourself by knowing that Masha wasn't much of a threat afterall.


">Masha: Cry wehn Masha scolds you for your mistakes like a little Moeshroom should."

Either Masha became Gollum here or we have a paradox alert.


I know that, because drawing hands would contradict the Kisume Wink, the Palm Readings, and the Piano Playing flash altogether!Anyways...

>Daiyousei: Save the Rookie Red who just graduated from unborn academy.