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CSA0282: Alice: Since you're awake, go ahead and check on everyone else.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


REIMU, NITORI, and MARISA spent the first fifteen minutes of the medicine's effects bickering about how the SPORES were spreading. You and MARISA live in the forest; NITORI was skulking around in it all day; CIRNO was at the MISTY LAKE, which was getting a nice breeze blowing the SPORES out there; and the SPIRITS only needed people to get within ten feet of the SPORES to spread. This doesn't explain why REIMU got the full brunt of the MYCOTOXIN. The consensus was that it was YUKARI's fault when MARISA decided she had a headache and went to bed.

REIMU and NITORI are now apparently bickering about why there were that many SPORES to begin with. CIRNO is making a heroic but ultimately futile attempt to follow the discussion.

> Masha: Create Spore Sign 「Hallucinogenic Rave」

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John Evans

Hang in there, Cirno! ;_;


yea, always is Yukari fault XD
hang it on, Cirno! you are the strongest! (no the smartest,but strong nee XD)