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CSA0269: Daiyousei: Quickly retrieve Cirno from Shrine Maiden.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Yeah, that's priority number one right now.

You wish DANMAKU left traces. Which is to say, you're glad that it doesn't leave any traces for the most part, since suddenly becoming homeless due to COLLATERAL DAMAGE often offends, but it doesn't leave anything that you can detect that would make this investigation easier. And, of course, you couldn't just call CIRNO up because neither of you has a CODEC.

What's MASHA up to?

> Masha: Read note.

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Formica Archonis

And I just reread this and saw the part about neither of them having a codec and now I'm confuzzuled.


It makes more sense when you remember that this is taken from Daiyousei's perspective. She doesn't have a CODEC and has no reason to believe that Cirno does either. Granted, there is a misjudgment of assets here since Daiyousei effectively has CODEC access through Masha, but correcting that doesn't solve her available knowledge about Cirno having CODEC access.

Formica Archonis

Oh! Okay, yeah, I'm forgetting who knows what and where. Thanks!