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CSA0266: Daiyousei: Speculate on Yukari's true motives and desires in this case.

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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Yeah, you really have no idea. The most you can say is that YUKARI IS FOOLING AROUND AGAIN. This kid, on the other hand ...

In any event, you are now DAIYOUSEI. Your plans for today are now 1. find CIRNO and figure out why REIMU attacked her, 2. determine just what the hell is up with MASHA, and 3. help her get on her feet, if that isn't too much trouble (particularly in light of #2). You also have no patience for LENGTHY INTRODUCTIONS.

What will you do first?

> Daiyousei: Quickly retrieve arms from previous page.

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> Daiyousei: Don't sweat the apparent lack of your arms, since you definitely have them. (q.v. the previous page)


> Retrieve arms from previous page.

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