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CSA0253: Masha: Ask about the world around you.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


DAIYOUSEI explains some of GENSŌKYŌ's locales. You are, of course, already aware of the FOREST OF MAGIC, the MISTY LAKE, and the HAKUREI SHRINE, though for reasons you aren't sure of, you don't let on that you actually know about the latter. But you find her descriptions fascinating -- of the SCARLET DEVIL MANSION, home to DEVILS, FAIRIES, VAMPIRES, and MAIDS; of YOUKAI MOUNTAIN, home to the KAPPA and TENGU civilizations, and the only real home of advanced technology native to GENSŌKYŌ; secondhand accounts of THE UNDERGROUND and THE HELL OF BLAZING FIRES, and of HAKUGYOKUROU, the local AFTERLIFE; and a brief mention of MUGENKAN, a DREAM-WORLD created by a FLOWER-YOUKAI.

You wonder if you could make a WORLD like that. You don't think DAIYOUSEI is the one to ask, though.

> Masha: Ask Daiyousei how many people made their own "personal" worlds in Gensokyo.

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Well, I know where we should go then.

> Masha: Ask about this FLOWER-YOUKAI


"You wonder if you could make a WORLD like that..."
Mushroom Kingdom from Mario games pops to my mind...


>Masha: As if there are any other faries that are considered as note worthy that are nearby.

>Aya: After finishing up with Mima go and finish your assignment with Masha.

Queen Chibi

>Masha: take rock, its a waste of inventory space, but it might come in handy.



But she already has a spellcard named Mushroom Kingdom!

Mr Chips

Well - I suppose Masha COULD ask about the flower youkai - but Masha is a Mushroom youkai - mushrooms=/=flowers=/=logical plan

What IS logical, however:

>Aya: Get! The! Hell! Outta! Dodge! On the double! Quick flight! Flap those wings! Up, down, up, down!


>Masha: Team up with Daiyousei Imperishable Night-Style.
>Aya: Distract Mima once more, then finally flee for meeting Masha again
>Cirno: Go on Suwako's Nerves. (Just to make some passive statements wich aren't important to the story xD)

Kitsune Inari

@Mr. Chips:
Up, up, down, down! Left, right, left, right! B, A! Start!

Tewi Inonymous

>Masha: You shouldn't worrying about making your own world, you have a mushroom business to start and a gensenkyo to conquer with it.

>Masha: You have learned everything you can from this fairy, now eat the delicious fairy.

Formica Archonis

You wonder if you could make a WORLD like that.

I once made a world like that. Lot of mushrooms, capable of multiplying. What started out as one grew to the dozens. But it was the Doom engine, so I made sure they exploded when damaged, say by crossfire or a nearby exploding 'shroom. Bad for people who run into the mushroom field while trying to take out a distant enemy, but FUNNY. The trees also blew up. And the imps were vampires.

My world creating skills are fine, it's my ideas that are a bit odd.


>Masha: Brace against the inevitable tide of Daiyousei x Masha shippers.


@Tewi: I thought that Masha was supposed to be considered something like the "'New' Good girl" on the block here.

In any case out of boredom let's try this for an idea.

>Sprits: See if we can control anything near the like, aside from Daiyousei for now.

Now for the normal stuff:

>Masha: Ask Daiyousei how many people wade thier own "personal" worlds in Gensokyo.

It doesn't hurt to ask that question if yo uguys are planning something there.

Young Demon Lord

> Masha: Go help Daiyousei search for Cirno; Leave a mushroom clone of yourself to wait for Aya.

Hakurou Musha

I can only think of one thing right now.

> Everyone: Abscond.


Masha: Think about one day returning to your birthplace and making it your home... with mushroom traps.

Player Three

>Aya: Stop lallygagging around with Mima and meet up with Masha.

>Masha: Ask Daiyousei to help you practice danmaku.


@ Player Three: you know that might be a good idea since Masha does need to know how to pratice danmaku first hand. Besides Daiyousei might be a good training partner as of now, I just hope things work out though.

I know this one is a longshot, since this idea was inspired from a Kousaka doujin (the poor umbrella girl):

Aya: Since Mima's distracted use your WindGodGirl ability to take a very "compromising" photo to use as "blackmail" material over Mima.


Masha: Look around you.

Look around you!

Have you figured out what we are looking for?

That's right, Mugenkan!

Masha: Head off thataways.
There's an unused mansion there with guards and everything. Well, assuming that Yuuka spends all her time in the Garden of the Sun, anyway. Real sweet setup. Just need to claim it.

Netto Takashi

> Masha: Sense railroad tracks. Avoid at all costs. (WARNING: TVTropes link)
or maybe
> Masha: Sense railroad tracks. Try to make new world anyway.

> Aya: Wait, that paper seems relevant to recent incidents. Weren't Reimu and co. combating evil spirits not long ago?
> Masha: Call up 9999.99 on the KAWADEC already! You should already know that's Cirno's number!
> Yuuka: Sneeze.


>Masha: Inquire as to which of this wondrous places Cirno may be.

I don't recall them calling off the search so...


Masha: Leave behind a Mushroom Clone and ask Daiyousei to show you around, you might run into Cirno along the way.

Shinku Tsuki

Aya: ask for backup. Yeah, I'm talking about Hatate!


Two question for you Muffin-kun:
1-Why do you make characters without arms ?
2-Do you have programming skills ?

Tewi Inonymous

There's an unused mansion there with guards and everything. Well, assuming that Yuuka spends all her time in the Garden of the Sun, anyway. Real sweet setup. Just need to claim it.

I vote this.
We need a proper headquarters for the mushroom business.

Dizzy H. Muffin


1. Because that's how MS Paint Adventures does it.

2. A bit. I'm reasonably good with PHP.


Thanks Muffin, because I don't know MS Paint Adventures and
also, I'm pretty good with PHP.