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CSA0212: Masha: Practice disguising yourself as the mushroom you once were.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You suddenly wonder if this is possible. With some effort, you discover that it is not.

Oh, well, it's not like it matters anymore. You're a MUSHROOM YOUKAI now, not some mere MUSHROOM! You have achieved a state of HIGHER EVOLUTION!

You do not know what the phrase SOUR GRAPES means, nor are you aware that CHARLES DARWIN may have started spinning in his grave at that last thought.

> Masha: Head out of the grove and turn left. Be a good girl and do as you're told.

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Not to worry, I'm sure Nitori can set up a Thanatropic Generator or something.


don't worry Masha, Darwin's been spinning in his grave about "evolution" so much since Pokemon was first released that he's probably drilled out of it long ago