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CSA0211: Masha: Think about where you may have heard Boon's voice before.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You aren't sure. It definitely isn't anyone you sent COMMANDS to. It wasn't REIMU, SHINKI, or MIMA, either, assuming none of them count.

Come to think of it, you aren't entirely sure why you'd recognize the voice at all, unless they specifically thought about her or spoke to her. Stupid fading-memories.

> Masha: Practice disguising yourself as the mushroom you once were.

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See, this is why I wanted to declare war on linear time. When you can reorder the subjective order of events to suit your convenience memory problems cease to be an issue!

In other news, that animation is kinda hypnotic.

Formica Archonis

In other news, that animation is kinda hypnotic.

It is. And I'm surprised no one's picked apart the frames for the seven people in them to see who's missing, despite the text's insistence that the voice is no one proto-Masha sent commands to.


Well, Yukari is missing having done a manual sample of the images by blinking REALLY REALLY FAST... but we did maintain control of her a bit longer than Reimu (lol, that took like one command for her to go apeshit on us), yet Reimu is pictured here.

Player Three

@Saphyr: Reimu is, however, mentioned by name. Thus explains her presence in the character montage. Same thing with Mima and Shinki. Masha could've just forgotten Yukari at that point. Which she probably did, now that I mentioned the possibility.