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CSA0203: Masha: Investigate ruins of detonation. Reclaim any remaining mushroomity.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Doesn't seem like any. You guess it was just some strange kind of DANMAKU. (The giveaway is that there's not even any scorch marks.)

> Masha: Find something to eat.

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I might like to contend that "giveaway." I heard an alternate interpretation of the battle against Shinki in Mystic Square that involves her final attack in front of a red background. Someone had interpreted that to be Makai itself (as stage 3 has been said to be a city) in flames. And from that perspective, it makes a lot of sense. Especially considering the attack just before, which was truly devastating and widespread. As a result, to say that danmaku doesn't leave behind any scars might be a tad of a stretch.

I'm done being a nitpicky nerd now. Carry on.


An alternate fanon* theory is that Shinki, being the creator of Makai, has to dedicate a certain portion of her power towards "upkeep" on land/city/pocket universe/whatever. But she gets so desperate during the fight that she puts everything into danmaku, letting Makai fall apart in the process.

*fanon: (n) I am a fan. There is one of me. Hence, fanon(e). </undeniablelogicskills>


I get it. It's a bomb :p!