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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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John Evans

Alice, Shinki & Marisa: Pose as a family because SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

Player Three

>Marisa: Realize that you may have just jinxed yourself by thinking about how Yukari was involved last time Reimu was after you.

>Alice: She's here. Get the door.

Wait, weren't Flandre and Koishi in Makai?

And it may just be how my friend connected Devil May Cry to Touhou via Shinki (via, in turn, a remix of her theme), but that purple lightning makes me think of Alastor...


Shinki: Marvel at your possession of arms.


Yes. Yes they were.
I think they're with Reimu now.

> Marisa: Continue hauling ass.
> Alice: Wait...mindshield off? Mom's a creator god, not a...DAMMIT SHINKI

Player Three

> Alice: Wait...mindshield off? Mom's a creator god, not a...DAMMIT SHINKI

Oh crap, I just realized that. She's in on it...this could be bad. I hope she's on our side. D:
Yukari's up to something, too. Her border's background flashed while Marisa was checking her computer just now.


> Shinki: Fondly regard armaments, because SHIT IS ABOUT TO GET RESOLVED.


Now that I think about it, that teleport effect is very nice. How many hours did that take you?


I love the teleport effect. Very classy.

Also, has Marisa actually had that awkward "I'm living with/romantically involved with your daughter" thing yet?


/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

> Shinki: Retrieve ar- wait a minute...

(9 for CAPTCHA)[banned for 4 days]


^What did Muffin say about the Captcha?

> Marisa: Try to repeat what you found. Preferably so we can hear it over Yukari's fooling around. No, really, she's interfering again. Like, right now.
> Marisa: Be Shinki

> Alice: Tell Shinki stuff

> Shinki: Obligatory arm retrieval request. Please don't flip out...
> Shinki: Now that that's out of the way, go get Marisa please.


> Shinki: Retrieve wings from arms.


I'm going to second John Evans unless Marisa isn't there yet. If Marisa isn't there I'll go with a slight modification

Alice, Shinki & Dolls: Pose as a family because SHIT JUST GOT REAL!


> Alice: Wait...mindshield off? Mom's a creator god, not a...DAMMIT SHINKI

Maybe the shield blocks Shinki's teleportation method...

Dizzy H. Muffin

-ED: 2-3-ish. Most of the end of it was spent striking a balance between "dramatic" and "doesn't make the GIF image half a megabyte in size."

I'll also be honest here: the primary motivation in "turn off your mindshield" was so I wouldn't have to do the teleport effect in black and white and static'd to bits. ;)

Mr Chips

>Shinki: Quickly create arms from nothing

Shinku Tsuki

Alice: Realize that Shinki doesn't need the mindshield to be off and switch to E.X.T.R.A.S.T.A.G.E MODE


> Shinki: Quickly retrieve wings from hair.

Zei Akabane

>Shinki: Quickly retrieve wings from ahoge.

or how you usually introduce characters. =s


> Marisa: Tell Yukari to knock it off.

I see, so Shinki's request was fourth/fifth wall shenanigans. In that case:
> Shinki: Lean on the fourth wall.


Shinki: Fool around with your Sukima-esque power.


To not be trying to buck a trend for once...

>Shinki: Quickly hide arms.

Definitely not "Quickly put on bathing suit."


Please, obviously, her wings are hidden *behind* the fourth wall...
>Shinki: Quickly retrieve wings from behind the Fourth Wall you painted so well earlier.

Also, we now have 2 chars other than the star. My impending sense of doom is no longer firing off the klaxons, as the meatshield of contractual immunity has more meat in it.
Also, I believe we are over due for this.
>Marisa: Exclaim "Dammit, Yukari!"

Miko Mischa

>Mima: Enjoy the show!

Because she probably already is... :P


Alice: Go on PC98 mode, because mom just loves little you!