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CSA0165: Marisa: Quick Nitori's in trouble, go save her.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You're pretty sure that's the SPIRITS talking, but yeah. Time to change course.

> Alice: Danger! Reimu is coming for you!

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> Nitori: Sweet Sign 「 Bees. My God. 」

Okay, that was silly. So's this:

> Suika: Make fort out of offery box.

If that doesn't get Reimu's attention, nothing will.

RKS Blitzer

>Marisa: Marisa Kirisame/Assault Mode


"can the command system accept wildcards? "> * Belmont" might work for her if it does..."

Do you REALLY want to bring Key-Fu into this?

>Keine: Bite Rumia.

Player Three

Okay. Marisa's on the way, now we just need to keep Nitori alive/controllable.

>Nitori: Pop smokescreen, then engage stealth and take evasive action.


> Mario: Wherever you are...HEEEEEAAAAALP!!!

Actually, scratch that.


Nitori: Favorites Sign [ Cucumber Bullets EVERYWHERE ] then smokescreen and run away.




Just because she's a hunter doesn't mean she's a Belmont... Remember Circle of the Moon? Maybe she's related to Nathan. Seeing as he had access to a stopwatch that would stop or slow enemies for 10 seconds (and waaaay too many hearts since all the high-level monsters were just slowed (Rather sad, since that could have been the best thing ever for the Thief class (rediscovered that game, working on beating it in thief mode now (and nesting more parenthesis into this statement (like really, what is this, the fifth?)))))...

Muffin, I really think the psycho-signal-interference-boundary thing Reimu has going is cool. Good work on that ;D

Now, as for what we should do... *draws a quick spell circle, and mumbles something.... there's a flash, and a wisp of smoke spells out "TVT" before fading into the air. Jelly is now glowing blue*
Thanks to Ed, for our purposes, Nitori is screwed. This leaves us with Marisa and a half-connection to Alice. Which won't last for long, as, remember, Marisa is the star of this show, so she totally has contractual immunity until we completely lose Alice. Now. Since our pawns player count is really low, Mima might be willing to step in so the show can go on. I mean, she was content back when the show was going to run its course, but I don't think she was counting on *us* to get so many of our pieces removed from the field so... quickly (I mean, really, once Reimu flipped out on us, and then took Cirno away... Seriously. Are we lemmings or something?). That and... does Nitori still have our pumpkin? If she does, who decided we should let her keep a hold of such an important object when she ISN'T the lead part?

Anyways, my suggestions are...
>Nitori: Batteries should be recharged by now, power up the upgraded cloak, and fly (as fast as possible while evading Reimu's attacks) towards either the Moriya Shrine, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Eientei, or the Underground Palace, whichever is closer.
((Basically, get us in range of someone else we can use. Moriya's crew seems to like to cause stuff, or at least, *appear* to be a part of some grand conspiracy (and would thusly support our cause, whatever it is); SDM has a potential to yield us Komeji (though, Flan might MoD our control of her away as soon as we get her v_v) or Sakuya, both of which would be perfect for our current predicament (what with Marisa's Main Character Meatshield running low on meat); Eientei could net us drugs Reisen's manipulation of insanity, which could help us sneak our way back into some of our lost compatriots; and the Underground, as Satori would be a very, very, very interesting catch for thought-injecting beings like ourselves.))
>Marisa: Nitori isn't going to make it, don't sacrifice yourself. Evasive maneuvers, pattern Delta. Oh, and try to find Mima (as she might be willing to help us).
>Alice: Declare the mind-shield good enough, and return to your work, while the dolls fortify against the inevitably incoming shrine maiden. Send 4 scout dolls out, one to the Moriya Shrine, the SDM, Eientei, and the Underground Palace.


Oh, erm... modification to Nitori's command... not whichever is closer, but whichever can be *reached sooner*. You know, so, if she can order Scotty to beam her back to Faith Youkai Mountain, she should do so.

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