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CSA0153: Be Flandre Scarlet or Remilia Scarlet :D


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Unfortunately, you cannot be FLANDRE SCARLET, because she is currently in MAKAI with her girlfriend KOISHI KOMEIJI. This was mentioned earlier, wasn't it? ... It wasn't? Oh. Sorry.

You also cannot be REMILIA SCARLET, because the SCARLET DEVIL MANSION is far beyond the range of (FFFFFFFFFT)

> Marisa: Call Nitori for backup and proceed with caution.

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Party pooper.

The Watcher

I think this is what they call CYOA on Rails.


Plot hint guys. Probably not sentient spirit ball is tied to a location or object. Maybe the Hakurei keystone if Tenshi is screwing around again what with killing ghosts and binding them to a keystone or something. I dunno.


Actually, it -was- mentioned, but only that a Satori was at Makai..

Dizzy H. Muffin

@The Watcher: "Not letting you grab every single character in Gensokyo and send them commands" != "forcing the game onto rails." :P


It would get too crazy if we could send commands to every Touhou character. There's over a hundred named people in Gensokyo.

Hunter 1

No, the real thing Muffin was a part pooper on was that he didn't mention what the SDM was outside the range of...

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yes. That is, indeed, a much better reason to clutch the sides of your head, comically contort your face, and go "RAAAAARGH."


I would say than is so many place but not the SDM, I would say than it's the Hakurei Border is used as a mean to emit the ''suggestion wave'' .


Well, we influenced Cirno at the lake but not the mansion. We influenced people in the forest of magic. We tried influencing Mima, wherever she was hovering. We mightily pissed off Reimu at the shrine. We can't reach Makai or the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Hakugyokurou and the underground are probably right out. Trying to influence the outside world is silly and I don't see how Maribel or Renko could help. When we gave commands to Nitori she was following Marisa or going to the shrine so we don't know if we can reach the mountain.

The Human village may be within range. The bamboo forest, I kinda doubt. So, the answer is clear. We need to get control of the Watatsukis. The Moon isn't that far from the shrine, right?


I know what are Flandre and Koishi doing, watch this.