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CSA0121: Marisa: Continue as normal.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


After putting everything away, the process has taken slightly longer than a trip to the SHRINE.

You take a moment to call ALICE, who informs you that YUKARI told her pretty much the same thing Reimu told you, except that she didn't take her reasoning that far.

> Cirno: Go beat up the red-white now!

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Man, the CAPTCHA ends up being 9 a whole lot.

Anyway, moving on.

>Marisa: Realize that there is a pumpkin with a gun behind you. Graze the bullets/lasers/whatever it shoots when it does (and it inevitably will). Retaliate with something that won't destory it (a moving pumpkin is worthy of research).

Kitsune Inari

Actually, IIRC that's not a gun but an optical camo. Still,
> Marisa: keep track of the pumpkin's position so that you don't trip with it when it activates camo (and it inevitably will).

Tewi Inonymous