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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You are now YUKARI YAKUMO. You are a MANIPULATION-OF-WHATEVER YOUKAI (a common-enough type of human-appearance YOUKAI) -- in your case, BOUNDARIES. This includes metaphysical ones, i.e. "BORDER OF NIGHT AND DAY." Since concievably anything can be considered a metaphorical boundary (i.e. one's body is the BOUNDARY BETWEEN WORLD AND SELF), you are functionally a REALITY WARPER. You are also one of the oldest beings currently inhabiting GENSŌKYŌ. You have a SHIKIGAMI (which is like a FAMILIAR except humanoid) named RAN YAKUMO, a nine-tailed FOX. She in turn has a SHIKIGAMI of her own named CHEN, a two-tailed cat. You are ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY together.

Your plans for the day involved FOOLING AROUND, which is also your main hobby. However, you must add yourself to the number of people whose plans were disrupted by this new INCIDENT. You don't intend to do much, though. REIMU is more than capable of resolving these INCIDENTS, and she's always so enthusiastic about it. You may decide to pester her about it, though, especially if you manage to find something out on your own. On the other hand, over the years she's started to get used to it, which isn't any fun.

You try to detect that whatever-it-is you sensed in ALICE earlier. Hmm ... nope, it's gone again. You hadn't sensed it since your earlier conversation, either. You still haven't worked out any particular pattern to when it was happening, which would be great for figuring out what the hell it is and what it's actually doing.

What will you do first?

> Yukari: Quickly retrieve arms from gap.

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Quickly retrieve arms from gag?


> Yukari: Manipulate boundary of arms, and quickly grab some random human's arms.


> Yukari: Prototype Yuyuko.

Ok, that's not going to happen. But I can dream...

Tewi Inonymous

Lol we have yukari, things will happen. THINGS.

>Yukari: Speaking of incidents, go bug youmu you two haven't started an incident in awhile.


>Quickly punch nearest person to establish elderness

Naughty Eirin

> Yukari: Contemplate possible sources for whatever was pinging you during your visit to Alice.

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