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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


So, yeah. You are NITORI KAWASHIRO. You are a KAPPA. Contrary to popular mythology, you look more like a CUTE GIRL than a hairless green-skinned platypus with a turtle shell. In fact, you're given to understand that a lot of species of YOUKAI have been changing like that since the HAKUREI BORDER formed.

Your plans for today involved testing your IMPROVED OPTICAL CAMOUFLAGE by using it for pranks -- shenangians, as it were, which border on the titular. Previously, those with YOUKAI VISION, magical skills, or training in YOUKAI EXTERMINATION (which is thankfully no longer remotely literal) were not only able to see you, you glowed brightly. However, you have put this on hold, because you need to inform HAKUREI REIMU, the MIKO of the HAKUREI SHRINE, about an INCIDENT.

You have all manner of SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS and FANASTIC INVENTIONS with you, monitoring your current physical status and that of the world around you. Your body temperature is 33°C -- perfectly normal for a KAPPA -- and your heart rate is a nominal 74 BPM. Your red blood cell count and white blood cell count are also in the norm. The air you are breathing contians nothing out of the ordinary aside from the TRACE PLANT MATTER that is common in this type of forest, along with harmless traces of MAGIC. The temperature is a pleasant 28°C, the sky is CLEAR, and there is a gentle breeze blowing towards the MISTY LAKE.

What will you do first?

> Nitori: Quickly retrieve arms from backpack.

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I suppose I'll start us off.
Nitori: Quickly retrieve arms from shell.


>Nitori: Raise heart rate to 75 BPM.


>Nitori: Consider carrying backup batteries for optical camouflage.


>Nitori: With haste, retrieve extending arms from backpack.


>Reader: Suddenly realize that Nitori is perfect for the standard arms gag.


Nitori: De-camo arms, then head towards the shrine.


>Nitori: Figure out what the key on your chest goes to.


Hooray Nitori!

> Nitori: Check inventory.


>Nitori:Become the weird Nitori


Nitori: Roll down a hill for your amusement.


> Go over what you know about Mima.


> Retrieve arms from behind your name.

Shinku Tsuki

> Nitori: Retreiev arms (somehow) from backpack. Tell Kogasa that you know that she is there.


>Nitori: Examine fourth wall. Take samples for later.


Bocaj: > Nitori: With haste, retrieve extending arms from backpack.

Seconded. Not that that counts for anything, but...

Tewi Inonymous

So we are not Nitori? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Nitori> Check inventory for spare batteries.


> Nitori: Think about cucumbers for a moment.


Retrieve Dr. Octopus Arms from your shell.

OR Retrieve Cucumber Bazooka


Rethink on why you were giggling while talking to Marisa on the Kawadec.


>Nitori: Examine fourth wall. Take samples for later.

Young Demon Lord

> Nitori: Quickly retrieve arms from backpack.

Although I also like something like:

> Nitori: Quickly uncamouflage arms.

The only thing about that one is that it doesn't follow the formula as strictly.

Kitsune Inari

> Nitori# sudo apt-get install arms
Alternatively, if she's not too into Debian,
> Nitori# emerge arms

Yes, I'm fully aware I'm commenting this almost three weeks after it was resolved.