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CSA0065: Alice: Check what you need for further development.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You don't craft spells; you design them and calculate them. When you develop magic, the process has a lot more in common with mathematics and quantum physics than hocus-pocus, and it shares a lot of the terminology.

All you have left to do now is the equivalent of figuring out a polynomial equation which will then feed into a modular function you've already solved. The good news is that it isn't actually going to be an NP-complete problem.

Anyone who didn't at least understand any of the above would have no hope of assisting you, which is why you're doing it on your own.

Hmm. It's getting to be around lunchtime, though. Not that you need it, being a YOUKAI, but you've gotten into the habit. Eating is just another diversion.

> Alice: Call Ran. She's good at maths AND magic.

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> Alice: Check the kitchen for stuff for lunch.


> Alice: Don spectacles. No sufficiently intelligent endeavor is complete without a pair of spectacles.


> Alice: Don spectacles. No sufficiently intelligent endeavor is complete without a pair of spectacles.

I think it's time...
> Don sunglasses
to put one in the oven.


> Call Ran. She's good at maths AND magic.

(So's Yukari, but she's bothersome and lazy and asleep during the day.)

Kitsune Inari

> Marisa: Start CHARGIN' MAH LAZOR for later use.


>Alice: Assign Red-shirt doll to prepare lunch so you can continue working on the spell

Young Demon Lord

> Marisa: Be the puppeteer.


>Alice: No time for a diversion! See if dividing by zero will help.


> Alice: Have Shanghai help you make lunch.


> Alice: Eat Grimoire for lunch.

Tewi Inonymous

>Alice: Have doll prepare lunch, cause that's what there friggen there for.
Then check latest neurology research with laptop, why develop intelligence from scratch when there's a perfectly serviceable intelligence alright built?


>Marisa without arms is just too weird looking, re-equip arms permanently.


> Alice: Overly-complex magic research? Sounds like Patchy could help! Plus Sakuya makes good food! Go to SDM.
> Marisa: Keep on with the transcending mortality thing.


> Alice: Make a blatant SHOUT-OUT to the existing Problem Sleuth series by calling upon PROFESSOR BEE to assist in the advisement of said research. Of course, while making lunch.