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CSA0064: Alice: Consider recruiting someone with time-powers for the living-doll project.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You aren't sure where that idea came from, since you threw it away years ago. You understand the concept behind a TSUKUMOGAMI -- an object which has been left alone for a hundred years and thus attained sentience through sheer weight of animism, its inanimate soul (which amounts to the same thing as "soulless" for the purposes of making a dramatic distinction between a PUPPET and an INDEPENDENTLY-MOVING DOLL) becoming that of a living YOUKAI. You also know at least two people who could manipulate time so that the century passes near-instantaneously. However, the process specifically requires that the object be forgotten during that time, and you doubt you could simply forget about it while the process was going on.

Besides, a TSUKUMOGAMI is something altogether different. Apart from anything else, they form a full-sized humanoid body outside the original object; you're actually friends with a doll-TSUKUMOGAMI named MEDICINE MELANCHOLY. But she is pointedly not something someone created. TSUKUMOGAMI are the result of a fully-understood natural process. It'd be like not bothering to create artificial intelligence because you could always just go to a sperm bank without having to create any new technology.

> Alice: Check what you need for further development.

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