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CSA0054: Marisa: Call someone on your CODEC about this supposed Incident.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You and NITORI KAWASHIRO (a KAPPA living on YOUKAI MOUNTAIN) created the CODEC system after binging on METAL GEAR AWESOME, torrenting the PC version of METAL GEAR SOLID, and then binging on METAL GEAR AWESOME again now that you understood the jokes. The current version of KAWADEC offers many improvements over past versions, most notably the fact that you can see shit with this one. And yes, the volume-meter is, indeed, in the shape of the kanji for "KAWA" (meaning "RIVER").

The obvious choice for telling about INCIDENTS is REIMU, but she seems to have hers switched off. Let's see ... who else could you call ...

> Marisa: Call Alice. Warn her.

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> Marisa: Call Yukari. Because you haven't heard nearly enough vague answers yet today.


Marisa: Try contacting Nitori, she's most likely on as opposed to sleeping/reading/etc.


>Marisa: Call Alice. Mima said if you continued doing what you were doing, you'd run into the incident and Alice was part of your plans for the day. Warn her to be careful.


> Marisa: Give Cirno a Codec interface for later communication and register her frequency.


> Aya: Attempt to spam Marisa's codec.


>Set a spare Kawadec unit to 9999.99 and give it to Cirno.

got (9) for captcha

Tewi Inonymous

>Give cirno a kawadec, nothing could -possibly- go wrong with this idea.


Yukari: Appear on Kawadec to mess with Marisa. You know you're going to sooner or later.