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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You flip the fricking-fricky-frick out and send ice-bullets in all directions in an attempt to hit the DISTURBING DIMNESS that suddenly loomed behind you, set off the explosive energy in the MUSHROOM, and then vanished.

You are vaguely aware that there will be no more flipouts in panels where any other action is taking place, because this image took way too long to make, and it is a good portion of the reason why there have been no other updates today.

> Calm down.

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>Back to our usual shenanigans.


> Do something about the pumpkin.


>Proclaim that you're the strongest just in case the Disturbing Dimness is still around.


>Be the witch


> Eat a frozen mushroom. Culinary experimentation demands it!


> Flandre: Post-kyu-tal bliss~

Young Demon Lord

> Marisa: Quickly retrieve arms from Alice.

Jason Paul

> Disturbing Dimness no longer around? Sounds like a win to me! Victory dance!


(yay, Captcha is 9)
>Go visit the hell-raven to make yourself feel better.


> Go find that blue mushroom that you assuredly threw a gazillion meters away in your wild panic.


>Find and eat the blue mushroom

Tewi Inonymous

>Freeze red mushroom, to finish what you started.

Naughty Eirin

>Pursue the attacker. It seems to have ran away to the left!


>Go offscreen and watch the mushrooms thaw!


Joseph Staleknight

> Flee from the area. The Dimness must be responsible for the mushrooms!