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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Huh. Looks like a tree fell last night. Must've been an old one.

Now that you think of it, you don't think you've ever gone in that particular direction before, in all the years you've lived in the FOREST OF MAGIC. Or if you had, it was above the treetops.

> Go where no Marisa has gone before.

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>Head towards the space that was left open.


>Go where no Marisa has gone before


> Enter the domain of evil and defeat a vision of Darth Vader. By which I mean, pick mushrooms.


> Fly into the the hole where the tree was. Upside-down.

Hunter 1

> First, be the puppeteer; then, think about plans.


> Insert mushroom into knothole.

Young Demon Lord

> Go get Alice, and then go have adventures through the hole

Also (9) + 0 = (9)


Go into the new place, and then 'explod' the first thing to get in your way.