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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


It's not too useful at the moment, though, so you stash it back in your INVENTORY.

Speaking of which, you are currently also carrying:

- Your arsenal of SPELL CARDs, for use in GENSŌKYŌ's strictly-enforced system of duelling. It ain't no card game, either: these are DANMAKU spells, where the bullets aren't dodged so much as navigated.

- A LAPTOP MAGICOMPUTER, designed by the KAPPA, who have been busily trying to bring GENSŌKYŌ to the same level of technology as the OUTSIDE WORLD, at least in their own mini-civilization. It's kind of slow progress, so this one isn't a whole lot better than an outsider-computer from, say, 2008. Cheap, though.

- A basket lunch packed by ALICE. You're currently in a neverending cycle whereby each of you does this for the other as a thank-you for the last time around.

- A CODEC UNIT, currently in your ear and thus not visible, enabling you to communicate with others from afar. Actually, it's been looking less and less like they did in the actual METAL GEAR SOLID games, so you're starting to feel like a better name would be "KAWADEC" or something.

- MUSHROOMS collected: 0.

> Examine dresser.

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> Check with the Kappa, and get your box ready to steal some books.
You need to make sure to get the right mushrooms, don't you? Patchy won't mind.