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2016/01/18 - Bike Back, etc.


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So I finally got my bike back (while my arm was broken, my mom was keeping it at her house for reasons that probably seemed like a good idea at the time), got it checked out at the bike shop and approved for "just riding around town", and so on. Y'know, now that it's winter and there's snow everywhere, and all that. A part of me is still in "late-August" mode, I need to stop thinking things like "Oh, the sun's out, maybe I'll go for a longer ride today ..."

I've got two new years resolutions. Resolution #1 is to get a goddamn game made, or at least put on a solid start. I've been pretty much procrastinating on that, on even learning Unity3D, but, it's like ... I'm already 30 years old now. It feels like time itself has begun to take notice of me. Need to stop talking about getting shit done and actually start getting shit done.

Resolution #2 is a little more ... I guess "convoluted" is one way to put it? Basically, the idea is, I want to enjoy more things unironically. Not "enjoy making fun of", or "continue partaking of something I thought I'd enjoy, even though I'm not actually enjoying it now," or stuff like that. I mean ... take Shadow the Hedgehog, please. One way to look at his design and concept is that he's a clumsy and misguided attempt to shoehorn DARKER AND EDGIER into Sonic the Brightly-Colored Talking Animal, so you make fun of his character design, or at least roll your eyes, or love to hate him, or harping on the fact that being a Sonic fan means taking the good with the bad, etc. etc.

The other is to view Shadow the Hedgehog as what gigidigi calls "preteen cool": the concept of a character whose design, by accident or intention, is basically exactly the kind of thing which an eleven-year-old would just think is SOOOO COOOOL and SOOOO DARK while still being age-appropriate. I mean ... knowing Sega, they were clumsily trying to shoehorn "darker and edgier" into Sonic the Brightly-Colored Talking Animal, and his own title was a serious misstep no matter how you look at it ("that damn fourth chaos emerald"). The point is, though, that first of all, Shadow is unquestionably a successful example of preteen cool whether or not that was the intent, and second of all, preteen cool is not actually less cool than "adult" cool. It's just a different kind of cool.

And this isn't a criticism at all. That's the whole point. Nor am I saying that there is no criticism to be had, of course. But the idea is it's basically a lot healthier to just sit back and enjoy things, in spite of the bad parts (unless they are sufficiently bad in an objective sense, of course). Basically ... like Gigi and Drak's LP of Sonic 2006, and their unquenchable enthusiasm of everything in the game, even the bad parts.

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