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2014/05/07 - Current state: medicated

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So, first off, my doctor has prescribed the previous medication I was on, since the new one kind of sucked at actually keeping me asleep. My mental and physical condition are now both "really exhausted and medicated."

I also told her how I felt about the job, which ... well, let's just say that I'm constantly feeling like at any given moment I could suddenly be entirely unable to handle what's being asked of me, so the doctor flat-out recommended that I quit. Today, I spoke with a job-placement specialist I'd been working with before (I didn't exactly get this job through them, but close enough), and she said she'd get in touch with my boss to see about working things through, helping me get more supervision and better communication. (Which is slightly worrisome because getting someone so he wouldn't have to worry about getting some stuff done is basically the whole reason he hired me in the first place. But if this doesn't work out, I won't particularly mind following the doctor's orders.)

Oh yeah, also, I may have mentioned that I got an air conditioner last Semptember. Well, when I finally went to take it out of the box this past week, 1. it turned out to be really banged up, and 2. it's got shaped styrofoam packing inside it, which I'm supposed to take out by undoing these two packing screws; well, there's only one screw, and it is stripped to the point of being unremovable. (My landlady said she couldn't send someone to deal with this, and didn't elaborate.) Which means that, if I can't get it replaced via warranty, that's another goddamn $200 down the drain for no reason except "shit hapepns." At least if nothing else I'll get the $100 back that I paid to the landlady to allow me to install it in the first place ...

Oh, there's also my annual Nasty Cough. Blehhhhh ...

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Dizzy H. Muffin

Good news: the AC's still under warranty.