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2014/04/24 - Arceus giveth, Arceus taketh ... back, I guess

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Well, okay, I haven't lost the job, but ...

Basically the bossman had a major systemic failure at getting things across, partly due to his explanations and partly due to my mental problems, SO I'm being moved to a coding-only position. Ironically, I actually feel slightly more precarious than I did before, since he said if this doesn't work out either, he's going to want $300 back of the $500 advance he gave me last week. (If so, here's hoping that happens before the end of week and my rent falls due. And either way I'm just gonna be in college debt hell forever)

I keep thinking, maybe I should start a Patreon, or GoFundMe ... though in the former case I'd need to actually create stuff, and in the latter case it's just, like, a specific amount ... yeah I'm just rambling at this point

puchimas: "so I've given up on just about everything"

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Dizzy H. Muffin

ununnilium on Tumblr asked, " taking it back like that legal? >.>" The answer is that tchnically, I'm not actually an "employee", I'm an "outside consultant," and like I said, it was an advance, so it'd be more like "getting his money back for services I failed to perform."