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2014/04/13 - and there he goes

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the big muffin....
HASS the job

Gonna be working at a local company (or at least one with an office just under two miles away), doing HTML stuff under a non-disclosure agreement due to patents, so I won't really be describing what I'm doing. Basically gonna more-or-less begin on Monday. I'll be on a US$1000-a-month salary to start with.

To top today (well, yesterday now) off, ZUN announced two things at BitSummit 2014: first, he's planning on officially releasing Touhou games overseas. Second of all, he's releasing Touhou 14.3: Danmaku Amanojaku ~ Impossible Spell Card at Reitaisai 11 (which is on 11 May 2014); it starrs Seija Kijin, so I've had her themesong (used in the trailer) in my head all day.

And it's now 4/13, the anniversary of Homestuck, so everyone's kind of ... waiting in anticipation. For something. Nobody knows what.

All in all, though, things are good.

Hella Seija

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Congratulations on the job man! Glad you got something involving web sites (HTML stuff). You clearly have a gift and passion for it (eg. this site)