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2013/04/09: Fell Off My Bike


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So, the plan was for this post to be about how I'm getting tired of these mazafaken side effects from this mazafaken off-brand Zoloft (specifically, overheating, getting three hours of sleep, and then waking up boiling), without any actual positive effects to show for it in the four weeks since I started taking it, so I'm not planning on renewing my prescription until after I see the doctor another week from now. However, Eris had other plans.

I was crossing the street at what I now know for certain to be over an hour's walk home when you're weighted down by a bicycle, your've got a bunch of scrapes on your right side, and your left wrist cannot support any weight or pressure whatsoever without tasting a flavor that can only be described as intense pain, when suddenly as I was riding my bike onto the sidewalk ramp, it decided that the best thing to do would be to fall over for no reason that I've been able to figure out. I'm mostly fine now; the wrist has been steadily getting better, especially after taking some ibuprofen (there's a bit of a bump on it, but it doesn't hurt to touch, it just hurts to move my hand too much or try to support more than a few ounces), and bandaids are where bandaids need to be. Hell, I can even type with basically no problems! I'm just taking it really easy now, and I'm also eating oatmeal for dinner because nobody can stop me~

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John Evans

*hugs* :/


Ouch. Sounds like the time I fell off my bike because someone suddenly opened their car door and I hit said door at speed. From my experience, you may want to bandage your wrist up so it doesn't move around too much, rather than only killing the pain with ibuprofen.

That said, I wish you the best and hope you recover soon.


I hope you recover quickly and things start looking up for you.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Full disclosure: I used to have bike-accidents fairly regularly when I first moved to New Hampshire ... bouncing off a parked car and injuring my shoulder here, falling off while going downhill at speed there ...

I still have a scar from a bike accident in middle school. And now there's a new bandaid practically right next to it!

@Joe4evr: I don't really even HAVE anything to bandage it with ... @.@ I've taken that into consideration, though.