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2012/07/30: List of mistakes I made in my first cookie-baking attempt


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This, I should note, involved a store-bought packet of cookie mix, for Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (and I added a half-cup of coconut flakes just cuz).

  • The recipe said to blend an egg with a stick of butter. I substituted half a banana for the egg, but I didn't do any kind of blending; there were chunks of butter and banana sort of hiding around throughout the entire process.
  • Seeing that the cookie mix didn't seem to be mixing very well with the above, I added about a cup of milk. They started mixing, but showed no sign of subsequently forming any kind of dough; it ended up as more of a batter.
  • I got tired of trying to mix up the batter and wait for it to turn into a dough, so I put some of it on a cookie sheet and some of it on a pizza sheet. Except that I put them too close together, so the batter spread apart in the baking process, causing them to sort of merge together to form ULTRA-COOKIE. Well, not really, but they were still connected together.
  • Less of a problem, but I put the pizza sheet directly above the cookie sheet and kinda close together, so that the cookies on the cookie sheet ended up being a bit less browned than the ones on the tray.

Result: they were sort of "cards", almost paper-thin, and started to crumble at the slightest touch (some of them simply from the force of being lifted off the tray by spatula). The good news is that they weren't inedible failures, but nevertheless: B'DUH.

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The thing you quickly find out about baking is that it's a lot easier to screw up a recipe than just plain cooking.


My first attempt at scones ended up looking like some sort of glazed, wooden oven-turkey due to dough cannibalism.
Twas nevertheless a delicious monstrosity when jam and whipped cream were applied.


What caused the bright idea to substitute eggs with banana? Also reminds me of my sister when she first tried to make cookies, she mistook baking soda in the recipe with soda pop soda. She ended up putting sprite in it. They did turn out edible luckily enough, though not looking at all like cookies. Made you thirsty though.

Dizzy H. Muffin

What caused the bright idea to substitute eggs with banana?

It's a standard egg substitute :P

Also my sister's done it before.

Random person of randmoness



Reminds me of something that happened once when I was making cookies. (Or making the dough anyway. The baking was someone else's job for various reasons.) Seems like it was a pretty basic sugar cookie or something similar. I was making them completely from scratch, but I couldn't quite read some parts of the recipe card... and I ended up using about quadruple the called for amount of flour.

They were still edible, and didn't taste bad really. But very, very dry.

Spirit Tsunami

Oh, yes, the mega-cookie is a staple of nearly any first-time cookie-baker. We've had a couple of them in my family--one because of runny batter, one just because of inexperience (Mom, the normal cookie-baker, had to take care of a crying baby--that would be me, as this happened back in the early nineties--leaving Dad to make the cookies. He made the same mistake you did of putting them too close to each other.)


Standard substitute or not, the first time you're making a recipe, you should try to follow it as exactly as you possibly can, substitutions can be made once you're comfortable with the base recipe itself.


I'm surprised your sister got away with it, if she was using banana for cookie baking; the eggs are a binding agent for those, which is why pureed fruit doesn't work so well. (It's okay for some things, where the eggs are more for thick moisture. The blending/pureeing is still very important, though.)

Of course, the extra cup of milk won't have helped things firm up. You said it was commercial cookie mix, so who knows which was more important; those tend to be forgiving in some areas and sensitive in others, but which are which varies a heck of a lot from one brand (or even flavour) to the next.