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2011/12/17: Another Hiatus


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I hate to do it, but I'm putting the comic on another hiatus. I'm not sure what it is, but I kind of feel like I really don't enjoy the creative process that much anymore, and it feels like unnecessary work rather than Something Fun To Do, and I occasionally feel that my creations aren't even as enjoyable as they could be; this is compounded by the fact that I'm not feeling particularly inspired by anything in my ideas-file (nor can I even remember the last time I put something new into it).

I'm still able to do things like Ask Masha (sporiadically), and I have Create.swf Adventures #2 (maybe) and other stuff in the works, and I'm still working on Villainmad. As of now, though, I'm on an official break from Touhou Nekokayou, instead of just being terrible about making new comics.

Gods this is depressing.

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Ninja Steve

At least this gives me a chance to read through the rest of it....


Take as long as you need Muffin. I may not speak for everyone but we would have you making comics because you enjoy it rather than because we want them.

Dizzy H. Muffin

As I said last night on Twitter (which has already scrolled off the RSS feed on the side there): not helping the aforementioned depression is a not-so-vague paranoia that nobody actually gives a shit about my comic or me going on hiatus.


Rest.donĀ“t press yourself. and if you want, think in something completly diferent. after all, you are the creator and do you do all you want...
and maybe take an internet vacations conected to all things is...sometimes...tired.


Hey don't go thinking that we don't care. your comic is amazing and I've enjoyed every moment I've read of it, even the times I'd check in and nothing new was in yet, just re-reading is fun too :D


"nobody actually gives a shit about my comic or me going on hiatus"

I'm going to go ahead and say that I care, tremendously, about any artist that makes me laugh. Take your time, and feel better. Those of us that matter will be waiting patiently for your return.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah ... thanks guys. I mean, by "paranoia" I meant "completely irrational," but ... it's still there.


If it helps any, I've seen people saying on about three unrelated sites that yours is the only create.swf comic worth talking about


I guess you're now entering into a slump of sorts. Ah those things happen, and quite frankly take your break you deserve it.


Plays "help me Erin" till muffin goes insane and is inspired.


Not sure if this'll help you feel better, but I don't even blog because I enjoy blogging anymore! I force myself to write one post every day because if I don't, I'll feel sad and empty and die from depression and withdrawal. It's like taking drugs, except if I do stop posting I'll probably just get a life and be successful in school instead of being that fat otaku weeaboo in the corner of every class who nobody talks to but nooo, I continue posting anyways.

what am I doing with my life


hehe...Masha. Sporadically. I see what you did there...

On a more serious note, don't let the breaks get you down. They're necessary sometimes, even if you wish you didn't need them. Give it a bit of time and you'll be back on your feet and making us laugh uproariously as you always have.


I haven't been commenting lately, but don't think I don't care. I also have the patience of saints. Come back when you feel like it.


Muffin! Don't think nobody cares! I read the entire Nekokayou archive in one sitting and was positively CRUSHED when I reached the end. Take all the time you need to relax and do other stuff, but never think your work goes unappreciated!


While I admit that the comic wasn't my favorite of the things you have on the site better (specifically Create.swf Adventures and your music are REALLY GOOD), it was always clear when I read it that "This is clearly a thing being written by a person who is having a lot of fun writing it." It had that vibe and the vibe was unmistakable, and was in fact part of what made it fun to read. I would love to see it continue as much for your sake than ours.

From my (very limited) experience with writing stuff that's fun to write (specifically two humorous adventures on the MSPA forums), I can say that at a few points I found myself getting sick of it and thinking that the jokes had gone stale and the concept's potential was used up. I couldn't be motivated to put any effort in. I realized later that it was really just the result of me having tried to update while in the wrong mood (I think that mood turned out to be "very tired"), because it lasted only until I sat down and really tried to update anyways while in a better mood. But a thing that helped was rereading some of the preceding pages, to remind me that I HAD been writing something I truly thought was funny.

I don't know if it's that simple here, especially since your "wrong mood" is probably something more than "writing too close to bedtime several times in a row", but I'd still suggest you try the following--reread a dozen or so pages from whichever part of the comic you felt was your "prime" (or just some random strips if you don't want to declare any part "your prime"), maybe even listening to Masha's Theme or another of your lighter songs, then look over the list of ideas you had planned out and see if you still can't think of anything you want to write. It's more or less what worked for me.

PS: Start with this one.