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2011/04/17: Hey, Look, A Touhou

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So, uh ... the Ten Desires demo is out.

I'd like to say that what we've got so far is crazy awesome. Reimu is Reimu, Marisa is Marisa, Sanae is a bit derpy like she is in UFO, and Youmu is adorabadass. The characters have different attacks altogether between their focused and unfocused modes, not just variations on the same thing (Reimu has homing-amulets unfocused and needles focused, for instance). I like all the music — all of it! I kinda understand the general consensus that the stage themes are more appropriate to the new characters than the actual boss-themes, though. It takes place around the Myouren Shrine, thus continuing the chain-of-plot which started in Mountain of Faith

Speaking of characters, The stage 1 boss is Yuyuko trolling, and the stage 3 midboss is a surprise. The actual new characters are Kyouko Kasodani, an echo with the most woobie (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Muffin will not be held responsible for hours of time lost as a result of following it.But see also this disclaimer) defeat-portrait ever, and Yoshika Miyako, a jiang shi who is becoming more like the modern idea of a zombie due to changing beliefs, and whose limbs are stiff due to rigor mortis but whose as-yet-unnamed master is trying to get her to exercise.

Then there's the spirit system. Blue spirits get you points, purple spirits count towards 1ups, green spirits count towards bombs. Gray spirits fill up the Trance Gauge, which takes the form of these three little spirit-wisp-thingies; when at least one of them is filled, instead of dying when you get hit, you enter Trance mode, which makes you invincible and gives you an entirely different attack and the background music changes slightly, while the Trance Gauge slowly goes down until it's empty, and then you die. (You can also trigger it without dying by pressing C.) You also can't end it early and you automatically fail the bonus for any Spell Card that starts while you're in Trance.

It's also generally easier; this just might be the first game where he takes Easy Mode seriously enough for me to forego the haxcheats. Not with Youmu, though.

People are theorizing that the last boss is going to be Mima, because "it's always Mima until proven not Mima,"1 although admittedly given the "spirits and graveyards" theme, this is probably the first game in a while where this would actually halfway make thematic sense.2Whatever happens, though, I'm anticipating great awesomenity.

I'm also posting this so we can have an article on which to discuss Ten Desires without mucking up the comments on entirely-unrelated pages.

1I refuse to search through the eight million pages of the Touhou thread on TVTropes to remind myself that it is TakerFoxx who said that.

2Not more than halfway, though — "divine spirits" are an entirely different thing from "evil spirits."

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Hiding Fox

Paraphrased from the wiki:

"Yoshika Miyako

Abilities: Ability to eat anything and everything

Since her ability is "eating anything", she immediately became part of the "Hungry Trio".
Yoshika's ability to eat anything puts her higher than Yuyuko. In some fanart, Yoshika is even trying to eat Yuyuko."

I lol'd.

And then I found some of said fanart.

It was freaking hilarious. :D


Wait....who's the third of that trio? And if it's safe for work, could ya maybe put a link to the picture?


The third is Rumia, given her habit of eating humans.

Of cause, she is the least gluttonous of the bunch.

Hiding Fox

Wait....who's the third of that trio? And if it's safe for work, could ya maybe put a link to the picture?


Here's one...

This one has a translation, but it's on Danbooru...


From what I read on that second one's translation on another site.
Ah my arm is broken.
Hey. I hear you can eat anything. are you worthy of competing with my title?
*tries to eat yuyu* just a nibble. enough to fix my arm.
*mystia watches amused*


And with that, the number of people on the food chain has increased yet again now.

I get this feeling that Mystia would want to become friends with her to keep Yuyuko away from her, but it might backfire though.


"I refuse to search through the eight million pages of the Touhou thread on TVTropes to remind myself who actually said that."

=raises hand=


Dizzy H. Muffin

*hits edit* Sup.


About the "lolz teh final boss is Mima-samaz!" thing... Actually, I think there's some evidence in Youmu's script and the end of the game's prologue that are both tending towards that. Yuyuko flat-out says that "a troublesome individual might make a return", and the prologue makes reference to someone who is watching all of these events and waiting for his/her resurrection and revenge (those two words are an exact translation).
Considering that if one of the PC-98 gang -is- going to be the final boss, they would have to be Yoshika's unspecified "master" and that said master is in a mausoleum next to the Myouren Temple, my money is actually on Shinki making a return. Even if it's not as the final boss, I'd say it's not impossible to see one of the original PC-98 badasses make a return as, say, the extra stage boss.

Dizzy H. Muffin

I don't think Shinki makes a whole lot of sense. She's the ruler of Makai; what would she be doing in a mausoleum in Gensokyo?

But yeah, that evidence for Mima has already been said here.


Shinki could have gone out to talk to Byakuren. Possibly regarding stolen attacks.


Hmmm... So Yuyuko says that a troublesome person is watching these events and awaiting resurrection and revenge... But how does Yuyuko know about him/her? I'm actually more interested in that than the character itself.


the spirit of the ayakashi tree perhaps?

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