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2010/12/30: Christmas Gifts: REBEL 3


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Yes, inclement weather prevented this on Monday. So, I went to my mom's place to meet with the grandmother and stepgrandmother today instead. Or is it grandstepmother? I dunno, Firefox doesn't recognize either one as correct. Items Acquired:

  • A copy of the Pogo Sunday Book. I used to read those books at my granny's house when I was little. Ah, nostalgia ... And now I'm more likely to get all the political references! (Though this one doesn't have any, as far as I can remember, it doesn't have Simple J. Malarkey or those two communist cowbirds.)
  • An awesome shirt.
  • An even more awesome pair of woolen socks.
  • My stepdad needed to go to the grocery store before taking me to my mom's, so we stopped there and he paid for the groceries I needed (the roads have not been bike-OK for several days).

So, yeah, it's the sixth day of Christmas and tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and that's pretty much it for now as far as I can see!

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Formica Archonis

stepgrandmother today instead. Or is it grandstepmother?

Stepgrandmother. The "step" prefix modifies the root word to flag it as being by remarriage and not blood. (Yeah, I think you were just being silly, but I'm something of a National grammar Socialist.)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Mostly being silly, but thanks. ;)


Is National Grammar Socialist just another way of saying Grammar Nazi? XD