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2010/09/16: Never mind


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Bro kicked I did not get the job.

That's really all there is to say on the matter.

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>: sorry to hear that, don't worry i know u will get a job really soon, c'mon cheer up!!! *hugs* ;3


...If it's of any condolence, the sun will be coming up soon!

Formica Archonis

Aww:( Condolences. I've been there myself, not fun. Worst (or second worst, depends on my mood) of them was one where they were really interested in hiring me. The first interviewer loved me and I was in for the second interview with someone higher up than an HR drone followed by a tech interview. Everything was perfect until I got into the tech interview and knew NOTHING about what the IT guy asked. After some confusion we realized the HR people had screwed up and were interviewing based off the criteria for last month's already-filled job openings. I could've cried. Or killed someone in HR.

There's always rough patches, but they end. Good luck!


Well it happens. In any case I'm sure there's a job out there for you though. Even though it's rather hard finding a job out there. Heck even I'm having a tough time trying to get one again, so you're not alone on the matter if that helps at all.

Player Three

Oh man. I know how that is. I had an interview at Best Buy a while ago where the interviewing manager turned out to be a classmate from one of my college classes, so I had a pretty good feeling about it. But I never got called back for a second interview.

Better luck next time.

Kitsune Inari

No luck this time, huh? Sorry for you, but don't feel down and keep trying your best. Kimiko, fighto!

Hunter 1

...Well, on the plus side, that means you can better please your adoring fans (or at least, the fans that wait on your every update for humor/drama)...


You'll get other chances :x


If you didn't get the job, Muffin, it wasn't the right job for you. Fight on.

Dizzy H. Muffin

I don't actually mind all that much. (It means I'll have more attention for Create.swf Adventures and the like!) I was actually quoting Homestuck. :3


"...And so the land of Muffin was restored to normalcy, whether for the better or worse of Muffinkind..."

No, that isn't a quote.


"...And so the land of Muffin was restored to normalcy, whether for the better or worse of Muffinkind..."

It is, now. It is, now.

Tewi Inonymous

Just solicit donations muffins.

As an added bonus, you'll generate more reimu jokes that way.


if you could manage the commute to Gensokyo the Tengu are always hiring... but the travel is usually too much and they won't pay for you to relocate... they do have plenty of branch offices tho, check with pretty much any office anywhere there's likely at least one Tengu in the management.

except in call centers, which are, to the Tengu, the tenth circle of Hell

Formica Archonis

except in call centers, which are, to the Tengu, the tenth circle of Hell

I thought call centers were that to everyone.

(Been there, done that, not doing it again.)


@Formica Archonis:
yes to normal people too, but for the Tengu it is an even greater fear. and those that have survived such tenures are hailed as special heroes. I had only escaped twice when I met them, who knows what they must think of me now that I am serving a third term in a call center...



curse me, I forgot to close the italics

Dizzy H. Muffin

No worries, stuff gets auto-closed now |3


Aww, do huggles help the Kimiko?