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2010/03/01: The guy at the bike shop was impressed!

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Yeah. I filled my tire with air at the gas station, did errands, went home, took the wheel off and brought it upstairs ... 'bout a half hour later, BOOM. I took it (along with my bike) to the bike shop, and it revealed that there was a great big gash, eleven whole inches wide. Fortunately, it only cost a total of $10 to repla


EDIT: Right. Like I said on Twitter, let's see what happens when it gets filled to 20 PSI below the recommended maximum (75 instead of 95, for the record) and I don't bring it inside. (I'm kind of reluctant to do that since the whole point of doing this is to deter bike-thieves, but right now I'm more worried about having to go to the bike shop every five minutes.)

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Wow. Poor muffin. :(


Wow, that's some pretty subpar luck...


Such unfortune, are you Touma Kamijou by any chance?


(I literally thought of this right after I posted my previous comment.)
Since today seems to be Hinamatsuri, why don't you ask Hina to take away all your bad luck?


"Since today seems to be Hinamatsuri, why don't you ask Hina to take away all your bad luck?"

shoot, I totally didn't get that earlier, I was completely glazing over the name


Poor Muffin :(

Maybe you shouldn't fill a bike tire in cold weather, then take it inside? Ideal Gas Law/Charles's Law and all that.


Wow, how do you manage to have so much bike trouble? It's unreal


Reminds me of my bike trouble lately...

Front tire popped, got it replaced; back tire then pops few days later, gets replaced then pops the next morning, find out back rim in bent/crooked, spend 2 hours aligning it again by hand ><


Ok, I think it is a bike tire manufacturer conspiracy. I was riding my brand new bike today, and had the rear tire blow out. Not because of a puncture, but because the nozzle ripped off. Clearly They must be in cahoots.

*Shakes fist in no particular direction*


Geez... You really need a better transportation medium if things like this keep happening... I mean, seriously, bikes just don't seem to like you O.O


Lol more commenting because now my back tire has gone flat again, I tried to seal it up but it didn't work and now I've to go get another stupid inner tube and money going down the drain D:


just get solid tires, that will solve the problem