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2009/11/12: Bike stolen


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Sometime between today and yesterday afternoon, my bike got stolen from the parking garage behind my apartment building. I'm actually somewhat surprised at how calm and rational I am about this. I've filed a report with the police depatment,1 and sent my landlady a passive-aggressively snarky</exaggeration> email about their "not allowed to bring bike into your apartment" rules, and I'm registered with a Yahoo group which will possibly enable me to get some sort of replacement really quickly ... and now I'm just back to being my usual goofball self, making Horatio Caine jokes2 and posting in hentai IRC channels (and wrestling with the fact that the navigation mesh for my L4D map isn't working with an elevator).

1They were particularly pleased to recieve the serial number, which at the time of purchase was written down in the manual, which I have meticulously kept for precisely this sort of eventuality.

2This is not a hint about what Saturday's comic will be.

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Dizzy H. Muffin

You know, I'm not entirely sure what you could have said which would be more insensitive than that, but that's not actually going to help you.


Ouch, hope you get a new one soon


Hm, poor bike.. in the hands of a stranger or an envious stranger! At least ol'bikey will be replace my a newer one! I mean that old bike of yours may have had some sort of bad thing about it right??


Damn, that's a shame. Coincidentally, I'm going bike shopping this weekend, and now you've got me thinking about anti-theft measures.

Hmm, drill a hole in the upper frame, fill with explosive compound, and wire up a detonation device that looks like nothing more than a harmless pedometer. If more than 72 hours have elapsed since the reset code was entered, the bike detonates.

Of course, you don't actually get your bike back, but once word gets around that someone is wiring their bikes with dead-man switches, I imagine that bike theft crime rates will plummet.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Y'know, SoF, somehow I don't think that's an entirely optimal solution ...


Fine, fine, go the non-violent route: Slip a GPS-enabled phone in the frame, with an appropriately-disguised external antenna. With the "child tracking" GPS feature some models have, you can find where your bike is located.

Or convince the guy that he stole a magical talking bicycle.