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2009/07/01: My manager accidentally the rest of my shift.


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So, about two hours before my shift ended, my manager Dennis called me into his office to inform me that my temporary assignment — that is, the job I was doing at Wal-Mart — had concluded (I'm not entirely sure what their schedule was for this; several others of my coworkers were still there at the time, though I hadn't seen a few others). We had a short exit interview, and filled out these forms on the Mangers' Computer, and I turned in my boxcutter and my discount card, and I got paid for the work I'd done until today, and decided that I'd stay for the remainder of the two hours because I'd been sort of in the middle of something. He went off to do help someone else while I went to the employee-access computers to re-check my "future goals," with would aid them in selecting whether or not to actually keep me on in the long term (I'd heard a rumor that they'd actually made the decisions last week, but decided not to bring this up).

Well, the computers wouldn't let me login because they said I wasn't clocked in. I caught up with Dennis and informed him of this, and because Working Off The Clock = Really Really Bad, I also turned in my badge and left right away. Tomorrow, I'm going to call personnel to see if I actually have work there in the short term, whee. In the meantime, I'm-a look through the want-ads. More As This Develops.™

In other news, I'm doing a Google search for "dizzy pestermom." I'm mildly surprised at how much more "out there" I was than I thought ... (Now let's see how long it takes for Google to catch this page.)

also I accidentally tried to look up "egosurfing" on the Touhou wiki

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Hahah, I'd never heard of egosurfing until Wordpress told me I'd gotten a ton of hits from a forum I'd never visited and saw your post. I should try it sometime, I guess.