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2009/06/13: Um, d'oh


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I have slightly adjusted the CSS code because columns were broken in Internet Exlorer. This is due to how IE handles width in CSS. To the Microsoft execs making decisions like this: I hate you all. Thank you and goodnight.

Speaking of CSS, I really ought to split the CSS into, say, "color" and "layout" versions. There's a bunch of redundancy between the current default stylesheet and the old "RPG" one.

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The Ace Of Scarabs (Tv-Troper)

Sometimes making things different just for the sake of being different deserves a Banhammer to the family crown jewels for all the extra work you force people to do.

I always wondered why some people have to be so contary and create such ridiculous custom standards (apart from high-security stuff of course!).

Dizzy H. Muffin

You've got me imagining a comedy sketch in which high-level execs treat things like "how CSS looks" and "HTML format" as Deadly-Maximum-Security business. Hmm ... I could actually write that ...

I've also now more or less forgotten how it looked before I made the change. ;)

Anonymous Hacker

I'm confused. The article says that IE6+ do the right thing and only 5.5 and prior are an issue. IE5.5 came out when the standard was "Do as Netscape Does!" You can't hardly blame it for not following standards that didn't exist when it was coded.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Well, IE6+ wasn't doing the right thing when I viewed the site with it, So Yeah.

Anonymous Hacker

Ah the wonders of CSS. CSS << *