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Art: The Huntress and the Pocketwatch of Blood


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The Huntress and the Pocketwatch of Blood
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Pixiv / Japanese title: 狩猟の女神と血の懐中時計

"According to one theory, she was a vampire hunter from the outside world or another world, and followed the vampires into the Scarlet Devil Mansion to try to slay them, but was defeated instead." (Perfect Memento in Strict Sense)

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See, that's her first mistake. The knife is the weakest sub-weapon. She should have grabbed the axe or the amazing boomerang-cross instead.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, but she can throw hundreds of them at once. ;)

Young Demon Lord

. . .
Please, Muffin...please...write the whole story.... In the night, under that scarlet moon, I could see ZA WARUDO no (that is, the world's) most epic battle taking place, with the Magus battle theme from Chrono Trigger, when Crono and crew fight him in AD 600.

Also, CAPTCHA is (9) + (9).



nah, the best subweapon is the lightning bolts (SotN). or the Jewel because that ones just fun to play with

Facteur Rien

Is Sakuya using a dead ringer?
Yeah, it look like so.

Dizzy H. Muffin

No, silly, it's a pocketwatch of blood! ;)



I'm sorry, just something about Remilia's insane smile there is just... completely hilarious.


I support the story idea. :p. Also, yes, the turnaround on the smile is certainly interesting.


Is Sakuya using a dead ringer?

Oh man, now I have got to make that. Muffin, do you have any high-resolution references I can use?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Why would I have them? ;P


I meant of the Pocketwatch of Blood, isn't that basically your invention?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Oh, I thought you meant the Dead Ringer. I basically just took the "clock" object in create.swf and photoshopped it red. :3


Aww... no specific designs or anything? I would've thought you had some, but oh well.


You can still *make* a Pocketwatch of Blood skin of the Dead Ringer (I'm guessing that's what you wanted to do). Shouldn't be too hard, just cover the watch in bloodspatter and make the inner display red.


@Enlong: Which is exactly what I'm working on currently. I was just hoping Muffin would have something of reference.

Anyway, with a little luck, this skin might be included with the Touhou Fortress project.^^


Hey, I did a model using the Sakuya's Pocket Watch of Blood as reference. I hope you'll like it: :3

Dizzy H. Muffin

Heh, cool.

I really don't play multiplayer games, but yeah.