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Art: PC-98 Mokou


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PC-98 Mokou
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Posted this a few days ago on Tumblr, too. Basically, the phrase "PC-98 Mokou" sprang into my head one day, so I ended up just having to make it in create.swf (and Photoshop) ... I guess it's also "Mokou if she actually cared about her appearance" as much as anything else? I mean, my headcanon is that one of the reasons her hair is so long in her canon design is that she just doesn't care enough to do anything with it except add a couple of ribbons to keep it slightly under control, with mixed results.

Anyway, the hair is Luize/Louise, and the flame-ish pattern is from Ichirin's outfit. The left is Elis's outfit with no modifications except the pattern; the right is Gengetsu recolored plus the pattern, and with that line added to make it look button-down. The expressions don't mean anything in particular, I just wanted her to have something other than the default blank cartoony Walfas expression.

I experimented with the colors a bit, particularly with the one on the right. Red and white are definitely Mokou's canonical palette, clothes-wise, so she kind of looked "less like Mokou" when I tried making the flame-pattern orange or yellow, for example. The midnight-blue vest looks pretty good, I think, insofar as it's almost black, but I'm not completely sold on it, hence the inset gray version. That said, it does seem like the kind of thing ZUN might have done in order to deal with the more limited PC98 palette. Black, of course, works with everything.

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Looking good! And authentic.