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Art: Kikuri Shiteitte Ne!!!


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Kikuri Shiteitte Ne!!!

Pixiv / Japanese title: きくりしていってね!!!

Kikuri Shiteitte Ne!

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The Yukkuri meme has always bothered me. I don't know why. Maybe it's their soulless eyes and tendency to eat little children when no-one is watching. Or maybe it's the incredibly elaborate and creepy lifecycle that's been constructed for them. Either way, I had to look up Kikuri.


@Bocaj: You haven't memorized the PC-98 cast yet? FOR SHAME.

(Not really, I guess I'm just too used to knowing everyone in the games.)


Take it easy, man.


To be fair, the HRtP cast is pretty obscure/hard/whatever even compared to the rest of the PC-98 character. I mean, unless you like playing SUDDEN GENRE SHIFT, I guess. I've only played through HRtP twice, once for each path, and I can still name the rest of the PC-98 characters (okay, with one exception, 'girl with cat' from PoDD). I can name the cat though.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Ellen. And she's technically from some manga ZUN's a fan of.