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2012/01/10 (Viwwainmad): Da Twanswation System Has Been Impwemented

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So, if I work every day, I can belt out another update in a week and a half. Here is binaries, Source, .Net (for those who have Windows), Mono (for those without windows or who just want it), OpenAL (for those who don't have it). As you may have guessed from the title, I have finished the multiple-languages system, and I have tested the "multiple languages" with Elmer Fudd English, which is to say, "Ewmah Fudd Engwish."

Also accomplished in this update: I set up a sort of API between the Villainmad engine QuickFont which doesn't quite use everything QuickFont has to offer, but mostly because the rest of it would interfere with the Villainmad engine's proper display of things. You may notice that menu-text now has a bit of a shadow-ish background. I also finally finished the config-menu; I will now proceed to completely tear it down and replace it with a config-menu that uses OpenTK intead of WinForms, because that way 1. I'll actually be able to get at the API for the gamepads and thus do calibrations and stuff, and 2. it'll get me closer to the API for what-is-happening-on-the-screen in general.

Not much else to say at the moment, except that Shintear seems to have gone completely AWOL. Don't tell me I'll have to get another new artist, jeez ... Wait he's back, huzzah!

Todo List

  • Fix a bug in the fade-in/fade-out, which is that you can't pause them, so if you hit "pause" before the stress-test stage fully fades in, the fade itself will technically keep going in the background.
  • Update the front page to be informative in any way whatsoever.
  • Redo the config! I'm also going to switch to using a plaintext file, because I seriously do not need XML for this. Also save/load config more sensibly than a great big try-catch with everything in the try and "reset settings to default" in the catch.
  • Allow custom/"hardcoded" QuickFont bits that work irrespective of the language, i.e. for score-display.
  • Saving score and replays!
  • Longer-term than Villainmad: More advanced audio functions.
  • Longer-term than Villainmad: 3D backgrounds!
  • Current projected release-date: July 2012

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Hey, cool to see more progress with this.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to mention, Shintear has un-disappeared.