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Touhou Nekokayou #72: Catness, part 10


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #72

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Characters: Aya Shameimaru, Utsuho Reiuji, Koishi Komeiji, Flandre Scarlet, Cirno

Story begins here. Hey, I can see the end from here! Though now it's getting hard to see the beginning ...

For some reason, I'm rather pleased with Utsuho's expression of stupidity in panel 3. This is also the first time I've had Aya say "ayayayaya." It also occurs to me that Aya's ... embellishments about vampires come from the same source as some of the contents of her "news" articles.

The problem with third-eye-open-Koishi is that she keeps getting reminded why she originally closed it in the first place. Fortunately, one thing she learned from the experience was how to quickly emotionally bounce back.1

The backgrounds are here and here, they're just photoshopped versions of a couple of the default backgrounds, so you barely need to credit me for making them.


  1. (Aya and Utsuho stand on the side of the mountain; it is sunset.)
    Aya: Hm, sun's going down ...
    Utsuho: Hmph ... it's a good thing those humans are heading towards the Sanzu, but what about Koishi and those guys?
  2. Aya: Huh ... I can't see them at all ...
    Utsuho: What!? You've got crazy super eyes and ears! The fact that you're better at it than me must mean you don't have any limitations at all! Find them or I'll blow you up!
  3. Aya: (slyly) Well, you know. It's almost night time, and Koishi's with a vampire.
    Utsuho: (somewhat nervous) ... unyu?
  4. Aya: Heh, vampires pretty much *own* the night, they can be as invisible as they want!
    Utsuho: Eeep!
  5. Aya: Yeah, say what you like about that cat-boss with her "power boost," but a vampire? She'll getcha before you even knew she was there!
    Utsuho: (panicked) Y-y-y-stop talking about that o-or I'll blow you up!
  6. (Koishi (cat-eared) suddenly appears behind them with her Third Eye open.)
    Koishi: So, Okuu, I hear you're bullying people and pretending you know what's going on.
    SFX: turning off subconsciousness barrier
    Utsuho: GYAHHH!
  7. Utsuho: (forced manic cheerfulness) Ah! Um. Koishi! I was just ... hoping, um, you'd, uh ...
    Koishi: Okuu, what have I told you about threatening to nuke people? You'll just get beaten up by Reimu again!
    Aya: Took you long enough to rescue me.
  8. Utsuho: (tear-eyed) Waaa, I'm sorries!
    Koishi: Um ... fine, as long as you, um, don't do it again. NOW GO HOME TO SATORI.
  9. Aya: (cheerful) So, about this Incident!
    SFX: scoop timez!
    Koishi: Hmm, yeah, both you and Okuu saw her ... Oh, you've fought her before?
    SFX: third eye'd
  10. (Aya blanches.)
    Koishi: I haven't seen her before ... Flandre would've been in the basement, and who knows where Cirno was ...
    Aya: (sweatdrop) Um ...
  11. (Koishi turns away, closing her Third Eye, ears drooping.)
    Koishi: Ah ... right ... sorry ...
    SFX: eardroop
    Third Eye SFX: close
    Aya: (sweatdrop) Yeah, I ... forgot about that ... um ...
  12. (Koishi flies off, both of them manically cheerful)
    Aya: But anyway, uh, good luck with ... dealing with it!
    Koishi: Yeah I'm gonna go catch up with Cirno and Flan thanks for the info
  13. (Flandre (cat-eared, under a parasol) and Cirno stand in a grassy field further up the mountain.)
    Flandre: (darkly) How about I explain it again.
    Cirno: (cheerful) No, I understand! Koishi is a pet of that three-legged crow with the power of a hell-raven whose sister belongs to a mind-reading mansion in the Underground!
    Flandre: Okay, now you're *trying* to be stupid.

Lessee ... running out of time until the finish! Teach me to make things up as I go along, although that's been fun too. Anyway, from here on out, instead of making the hints a logic puzzle, I'm going to make it a lateral-thinking puzzle. You must not only find the hidden-clue, but figure out what the hell it means! As usual, see thcomic/72title.png and thcomic/72-##.png for shennanigans. Anywho, the not-hidden hint is about the item used in conjunction with all this: one such item has been seen in some of the first 35 comics!

1Especially when the alternative involves Flandre getting annoyed.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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It seems Utsuho's solution to everything is "threaten it with a nuke." I like.

Hm...hints are getting buried deeper and deeper. And this one sounds like a password hint from one of the Megaman Battle Network games. Might take awhile.


It's not really a surprise than Cirno didn't manage to understand :)
About the culpic, I find the information in the comic rather immportant. The '' you fought her before'' narrow the list of possible culpic to the enemies in Shoot the Bullet, no ?

saint tweeter

Judge Doom did it cuz holy smokes hes a toon and want to build....wait...wrong mystery...

Dizzy H. Muffin

@ganbaru: Well, first of all, Shoot the Bullet contains pretty much almost 3/4 of the entire cast of the Windows games up to that point, and that's if you include Koakuma and Dayousei and count the Prismrivers separately. Second of all, how d'you figure? It's not like that's the only game Aya's been playable in ... ;)


My guess is Yamame and has been so ever since Eirin noted that the catness was a disease


Well, working with my list from last comic, this new "Aya's fought her" information narrows it to Iku, Tenshi, or Sikieki. Or Mokou, depending on how you interpret "fought", but while theoretically not ruled out she seems pretty unlikely.

I had thought it was Iku before, but now given the clue I think it's got to be Shikieiki.


I'm not even sure Shoot The Bullet counts, since Aya didn't really fight anyone in that game. Just took pictures while everyone else tried to make her go away. Just like what usually happens outside of that game.

Anyway, wow, it's really narrowed down now. Aya's hint alone narrows it down to three, the hidden one narrows it down to three as well, though it's a different three than the other hint. My guess is still Tenshi. Shikieiki is also possible, but I still can't see her doing something so silly.


"Watch, it'll be the one character nobody would ever expect or something"

Suddenly, this comes back to haunt me


Well now, that clue was nicely hidden in there, though you could've done a bit more to make it even trickier without being impossible. :P

Sikieiki becomes the most likely culprit taking every clue, including Aya's, into account. That feels a little too obvious though, I've still got my list of 5+N possibilities (where N = a value based on the Kimiko Muffin's definition of the word "cool") remaining, and I won't check anyone off for now. Actually, everyone on this list COULD be interpreted as 'having fought Aya,' depending on how you interpret the events of Mountain of Faith anyway, so that hint's kinda meaningless to me.

As for the "Item X" that determines the means, rather than the culprit, it's probably a little too early to say with that clue alone.


/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

@Draykon: Hahaha, that's just what Muffin wants you to think!

Tewi Inonymous

The clues bug me, as i do not look for them and they eat up the disscussion.

Also Shikieiki? What motive could she possibly have to ever cause an incident, being what she is?


Ironic punishment of overly silly behavior?


Having not been keeping up with the hidden hints stuff, I am going to randomly guess: Medicine Melancholy

cirno (9)

i say its Tenshi or ShikiEiki.the hidden thing shows the motive


I think my favorite is still Reimu, just because the idea of her causing an incident that has to be solved by youkai is hilarious to me. (Although she seems to get accused quite a lot in IaMP...)

But it'll be pretty funny if it does turn out to be Shiki, because I never would have expected it to be a character from a game I've actually played...

Miscellaneous Bystander

I'm going to forward Youmu as a suspect, simply because no one else is. And she kind of fits with the clues, depending on, again, what Muffiny counts as "cool".


Can't be Youmu. The first hidden clue excludes her.

Miscellaneous Bystander

Yeah. Just realized that. Never mind me.

Dizzy H. Muffin

It totally doesn't exclude her. Is it that you don't know what "penultimate" means? :P

She's excluded by comic #72's not-hidden hint.

Spirit Tsunami

I still lol every time Cirno and Utsuho are in a comic together before they were, well, together.