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Touhou Nekokayou #70: Catness, part 8


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #70

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Characters: Flandre Scarlet, Koishi Komeiji, Cirno, Daiyousei, Mystia Lorelei, Rinnosuke Morichika, Chen, Yukari Yakumo, Yuka Kazami, Rin Kaenbyou

Story begins here, and is now officially longer than Retelling of Scarlet Devil, with no end in sight. And, because everyone keeps asking about why Koishi keeps opening her Third Eye in her appearances here, FlanKoi begins here.

One of the tricky things about "Nekoishi" is that every panel needs to be altered in Photoshop so I can color her ears. ... um ... I suppose I could create separate images and insert them into the comic, but it's obnoxious to get from "image without transparencies" (from create.swf) to "image with transparent background" (something I could use).

Whee, neko-Kazamin. I guess I can sort of understand why her profile in Kiyoh Gyoku basically consisted entirely of ZUN going on about "youkai moƩ." On the other hand, she's kind of psychotically violent when given the opportunity, so I'd probably rather take a few steps back ...

You know, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've actually given precisely what Remilia and Satori thought about Flandre and Koishi's relationship. It's sort of like ... well, how would you feel if your younger sister started dating a vampire who had Special Ability to Destroy Anything/a three-eyed mind-reading youkai who could make herself invisible for the purposes of going anywhere, and who had met your sister by getting into a fight with her? On the other hand, your Stage-5-boss pet/servant/whatever doesn't seem to particularly mind ... um. Sorry, I think I got bogged down with that aspect, kinda ...


  1. Narration box: Girls are investigating ...
    (Cirno, Koishi (cat-eared and with Third Eye open), and Flandre (cat-eared, holding parasol) meet a cat-eared Daiyousei by the lake.)
    Daiyousei: Sorry, no clue, I just turned into a cat like you guys did.
    Cirno: Hmm ...
    Koishi: Hmm ...
    Flandre: Hmm ...
  2. (They meet Mystia at her lamprey-yakitori stand.)
    Mystia: I dunno ... I guess I'm not all that worried, unless the cats start chasing birds ...
    Cirno: Hmm ...
    Koishi: Hmm ...
    Flandre: Hmm ...
  3. (They meet Rinnosuke at Kourindou.)
    Rinnosuke: Sorry. As far as I know, it's just another Incident.
    Cirno: Hmm ...
    Koishi: Hmm ...
    Flandre: Hmm ...
  4. (They meet Chen at Yukari's place. Yukari (cat-eared) flies by overhead, no bigger than Chen.)
    Yukari: Wheeeeeeee!
    Chen: No idea, but could you solve it soon? Yukari-sama made herself look younger when it happened to her, and said she should be Ran's shikigami as well ...
    Cirno: Hmm ...
    Koishi: Hmm ...
    Flandre: Hmm ...
  5. (They meet Yuka (cat-eared) in her sunflower field.)
    Yuka: I dunno how it happened, but feel free to do whatever you want to the culprit ...
    Koishi: (panicked) Uwaa, she's getting ideas!!
    Cirno: Hmm?
    Flandre: Uh ...?
  6. (They meet Orin in a forest.)
    Orin: Koishi, what are you doing? Did you find Utsuho?
    Koishi: Huh? Orin?
    Cirno: Huh?
    Flandre: Hmm?
  7. Koishi: (sweatdrop) Oh! Aha! Right! Uh, I saw her acting all sneaky, she was heading up Youkai Mountain! I was on my way back when I got ... distracted ...
    Orin: Sigh ... You know, Satori's going to interpret this as "you forgot Okuu because you were hanging out with your girlfriend."
    Cirno: (turning towards Koishi) What?
    Flandre: (slightly annoyed) Oh.
  8. (Koishi closes her Third Eye.)
    Orin: And since I'm guessing you snuck out with Flan, Remilia and Satori are going to be even less happy about this than usual.
    Koishi: (darkly) THEY WILL COPE.
    SFX: close
    Flandre: Since when have they *been* happy about us?
    Cirno: (annoyed, turning to Orin) Who?
  9. Orin: Okay, just sayin'. Uh, I think you really ought to check on Okuu, if you said she was being "sneaky."
    Koishi: Oh, uh, hmm, you're probably right ...
    Flandre: Oh right, she's got nuke-power.
    Cirno: (turning to Koishi angrily) What are you guys talking about!?
  10. Orin: I'm headin' to Eientei to get the meds. And for the record, it's not Flan I have a problem with, it's the whole "getting distracted."
    Koishi: I guess we're heading for Youkai Mountain, then ...
    Flandre: Mm...
    Cirno: (turning back to Orin) HEY!!
  11. (Cirno turns back to Koishi, letting loose ice-danmaku.)
    Orin: Ow!
    Kosihi: Ack!
    Flandre: Wha!

Ladies and gentlechen: I've pretty much figured out for myself who the culprit is (but not her precise motives or methods), and you may now begin wild speculation as to her identity. Hint: She has appeared in Touhou Nekokayou at least once. There is another hint which narrows it down much further, hidden in one of the files for the panel (thcomic/70-##.png and thcomic/70title.png) using steganography. In-comic hints will start getting dropped as of the next installment. I trust somebody will have fun with this.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Found the hint. I guess that does rule out "Yukari is fooling around again" after all.


Well, that hint does cut things down a bit. Could this mean Myon with cat ears? I approve wholeheartedly! The sheer weirdness of Youmu's nature cries for experimentation... the call is irresistible!

And I'm sure someone is jealous of Yukari's shikigami... whose defining anatomical feature is "more than one tail". So, a half-human, half-ghost gardener whose halves each have one tail: 1+1=2=Shikigami! The rest of the affected population, on the other hand, will only have one tail apiece, thusly preserving the rarity of Yuyuko's specimen
. Exxxcccellent, yesss...

Cirno (9)

I think that it`s Orin!


I see there's something odd with panel 5, but I can't figure out what this means.


I'm still sticking with my wild guess of Rumia, who's just screwing around with them.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Joe4evr: What do you mean by "something odd"? Just the fact that it's bigger? See above.

@TsuruMettan: Is that so~? (sorry, couldn't resist)


It looks like Yuka has long green things growing out of the side of her head, that's pretty odd. `.` (They don't look quite as much like they're part of Cirno and Flandre's bodies instead of something behind them...)

Cirno's new wings really do blend in way too much on a lot of backgrounds.


@Muffin (mmmm... muffins...): No, I mean when I use my anti-steganography effect, panel 5 gets a weird shape colored differently.


/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

@Joe4evr: You're definitely overdoing it. The clue is written in plaintext, and is not a shape or image of any kind. The Wikipedia entry should point you in the right direction...


@SoF: Perhaps, but that was thus far the only thing I noticed with the anti-steganography.


...I can't believe I spent a good three hours looking at every comic on this site up to this (at the time of writing) current one. Methinks I'll be sticking around.

Anyway I'm grabbing at empty space here, but I accuse... Chen! Just because. I'll leave anyone else to decide if this has any other meaning or significance.


My guess.. Koishi
Now let's wait and see what will happen :D


I thought that Yukari was a supergenius. Unless she just manipulated a border to make herself affected for the lulz.


for the lulz is a definate possibility

we do know Ran is a lot smarter then her, but aside from that canon shows that while intelligent, she's rather absentminded. PCB mentions she forgot about the unusual spring for 10 days in a row and kept waking up surprised. that would count I think

but then again, since it was also based on power level, and her power is maximum, there you go

Tewi Inonymous

Yukari is semi-omnipotent, everything she does is for the lulz.


Cirno is awesome! Hooooray!

Dizzy H. Muffin

None of that, thanks.


poor Dai must have been under the intelligence immunity threshold. Or is this before it was established she's smart for a fairy?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Who says it's based on her intelligence? She's a great fairy, remember ...


IDE/Theory: Daiyousei is a lot stronger than the Stage 2 Midboss level.... wait, too obvious.


And me with my knowledge of Stenography being even LESS than my knowledge of HTML (what it IS, let alone how to apply it).

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