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Touhou Nekokayou #23: Fixed History

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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #23

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Characters: Keine Kamishirasawa, Yuka Kazami, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Mima, Alice Margatroid, Luize, Yumeko

Continuing from before!

I dunno, there just seemed something ... unsatisfactory about the "time paradox" explanation for the Border of PC-98 and Windows. I was originally going to incude a jab at the fourth wall in place of the comment about a minor harmless annoyance (Yuka: "It'll also make it easier to make more serious fanfics set in the same continuity as this comic!" Keine: "Yuka, FLCL is more serious than this comic." Yuka: "I know it is!"), but I wasn't even comfortable about that.1

Since Alice couldn't have time-travelled this time around, it would make sense that she was as old as Marisa to begin with, and she just dressed "younger." This means that Makai would have to be altered, too. I suppose if Yuka gave her enough of a boost, Ex-Keine could do that ...

You know, I'd totally forgotten about Genji when I made the first Broken History (and if I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to include him anyway; there are no turtles in create.swf). I guess we can assume she was learning how to fly on her own between Mystic Square and this little story (which, given Reimu's hairstyle, apparently must have taken place right before Embodiment of Scarlet Devil).

For those of you confused about Luize and Yumeko's comments: Shinki is the goddess of Makai. Also, Alice is her teenage daughter, which speaks for itself. I used Luize as opposed to ... well ... just about anyone else from Mystic Square, because they, Shinki, and Alice are the only characters from that game in create.swf; ah, the limitations of the medium ...

Let's see ... Reimu's appearance, check; Marisa's outfit check; Mima's ultimate fate is vague enough to leave open for just about anything ZUN might come up with, check .... I think that's everything. As for where the rest of the PC-98 cast went, you might as well ask where Daiyousei and Minoriko and Wriggle have been since their respective one-shot appearances. Or where Meira and Konngara were in Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream, for that matter. (I have an explanation, but ...)

KirbyM added "ghost"-"feet", so I updated Mima with that on 29 March 2009.


  1. (EX-Keine stands atop a cliff, watching the full moon.)
    EX-Keine: Hmph ... blasted time paradox ...
    EX-Keine SFX: easier to see cracks in history when in hakutaku form, which she can't leave in full moon
  2. (Yuka flies over, grinning unpleasantly.)
    Yuka: Oh, I know, right?
    EX-Keine: And what do *you* want?
  3. Yuka: Well, y'know ... why not just fix the breakage? I mean, your power *is* manipulation of history, isn't it?
    EX-Keine: It'd take too much power to get all of it at once, and *not* getting it all at once would create worse paradoxes.
  4. Yuka: That's where I come in! I could give you a power boost if you wanted ...
    EX-Keine: What's in it for you? I'm not gonna accept your help if it involves making it easier for you to eat humans.
  5. Yuka: (irritated) Look, I was a last boss and a player character. The time paradox made it so that this never happened, and now I'm only slightly less of a one-shot than Rumia.
    EX-Keine: Oh, so the time paradox besmirched your youkai pride. You want me to fit the "old" history with the new one. Gotcha.
  6. Narration Box: And so ...
    (EX-Keine and Yuka flying in empty sky.)
    Yuka: I hope you understand how much I appreciate you going so far out of your way to solve this minor harmless annoyance for me.
    EX-Keine: Just gimme the damn boost already.
  7. (Yuka hits her with a beam that causes her to glow brightly and power up.)
    Yuka: Sure thing!
  8. (Closeup of EX-Keine, her eyes glowing green with power, against a sketchy pink background; images of Reimu and Marisa (with attributes shuffled between their Windows and PC-98 versions) float in front of her.)
    EX-Keine: I can see through time! And I can see through the cracks in the new history, to what the old history looked like! And I can see how I can easily make the old version of history fit with the new bits!
  9. (Flashback to the events of Broken History, with Reimu covering the Stone of the Celestials with explosive paper seals, except that PC-98 Marisa has the modern Marisa's hairstyle.)
    Marisa: I ams sorries, Mima-sama!
    Mima: And th--Augh! What!? No wait! Stop it!
  10. (PC-98 Alice facing off against Yuka during Not Quite So Broken History, except that now she doesn't look much younger than Marisa.)
  11. (The glow has vanished this time.)
    Yuka: (pointing) At what I suppose is theoretically a wild guess, I'd say off thataway.
    Alice: Y'know what ... just ... never mind. I was planning on staying in Gensokyo for a while, anyway ...
  12. (Alice flies off; Reimu, her hair turned black and covered in little flames, falls into view in front of Yuka before coming to a sudden halt in midair.)
    Reimu: Don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall ... whew!
    Yuka: Oh, hey, Reimu, looks like you're getting the hang of flying under your own power now ...
  13. (Meanwhile, Luize and Yumeko are standing around in Makai, presumably in Pandaemonium.)
    Luize: Huh? Did you just feel something ... strange?
    Yumeko: Hmm? ... I dunno ... it might just be how mad the mistress is right now ... you should've seen Alice storming off earlier ...
    Luize: Miss Shinki's mad enough to cause mild magic-quakes? That's hardly a comfort ...
    Yumeko: Wouldn't be the first time. She's never caused any real damage before, though ...
  14. (Marisa arrives at the Shrine on her broom while Reimu is sweeping, both now in their Embodiment of Scarlet Devil character designs.)
    Marisa: Heya, Reimu. Love the new look. Dye job?
    Reimu: Huh? Ah, no, I think the magic from the explosion changed my natural hair color. I kinda like it.
  15. SFX: *broom disappear*
    Marisa: Cool. I decided to ditch the uniform-thing Mima got me, an' threw this together myself.
    Reimu: Ah. I got this because I needed something to wear while I was fixing my miko robes, but I like these better.
  16. (EX-Keine stands atop a cliff, watching the full moon.)
    EX-Keine: (thought cloud) Hmm ... Gensokyo's history looks so ... intact. And I can't even think *why* it would concern me that it might not ...
    Caption: Time Paradox: RESOLVED

1I'm not entirely sure why mentioning Thefre and what "boss" characters were throughout Retelling of Scarlet Devil is okay and this wasn't. Maybe it's because those were single-sentence gags and this practically forms the basis for why I went in this direction ...

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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