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Touhou Nekokayou #114 (60 Years): The Midnight Crew

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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #114

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Characters: Satsuki Hakurei, Carroll Kirisame, Kon Yakumo, Rumia Yagami, Nue Houjuu, Mima, Yuka Kazami, Old Reimu

I officially changed Carroll's scale to 51% instead of 54% (or 85% instead of 90%) because she is a year younger than Satsuki. The other thing to take away from this is that Satsuki's nicname is "Sacchin" to avoid confusion with Rin.

Sacchin's comment about "maturity" is a reference to the Perfect Memento article on Magicians; Carroll obviously hasn't used Shachuu magic to make herself a full-fledged immortal Youkai magician. A fourteen-year-old doing that is a bit of a stretch, even for Gensokyo ...

I've become a fan of MS Paint Adventures. Had you noticed? I was originally going to go into more detail about Team ❽ (how they're less "enemies" of humanity and more "rivals," etc, as well as where Rumia gets "Shining" from as well as actually showing her with her Sword of Light and Darkness), but this ended up not actually being about them.

Also, it feels like there's something vaguely shameless on my part about having one youkai character do a joke about "youkai don't sleep," and another youkai character do a joke about not being able to sleep. Ah well, at least I changed Yuka's dialogue to suggest that it was by her choice.

Do not ask why the girls have very clear and distinct shadows when the ground is visible, even though it's supposed to be the dead of night.

And two days after I published this, I decided they should use the unicode character "Dingbat Negative Circled Eight" (❽ or ❽ if you want to use it below) instead of "Circled Digit Eight" (⑧ or ⑧) for their name.


  1. (Satsuki Hakurei is leaning against the Shrine's arch at night, sans hair-ribbon.)
    Sacchin: Sigh ...
  2. (Carroll flies over.)
    Carroll: What's up, Sacchin?*
    Sacchin: Oh, hi, Carroll ... What are you doing out this late?
    Footnote: *A reasonably-common nicname for e.g. "Satsuki"
  3. (Carroll lands.)
    Carroll: I'm a youkai. I didn't *feel* like sleeping.
    Sacchin: (sweatdrop) Um, I'm not sure that's how it works for youkai-magicians before you're "mature" ...
    Carroll: Who's the actual youkai here?
    Sacchin: Um ... You're sounding like your sister or your "dad," but okay.
  4. Carroll: So, what're *you* doing up this late?
    Sacchin: Mmm ... I dunno, I couldn't sleep. I guess I've been feeling kinda "Meimu" lately ...
  5. (Kon comes out of an aperture upside-down, dressed in an outfit which superficially resembles her "normal" clothes from when she was ten, but which more closely match her preferred color scheme.)
    SFX: ZUN
    Kon: Now that was just uncalled-for!
    Carroll: (startled) Wha!
    Sacchin: Oh! Uh, hi, Kon ...
  6. (Kon floats down, the aperture closing behind her.)
    Meimu: Ah, don't worry about it. I just wanted to come here and pester whoever was up, anyway.
    SFX: BEOom
    Sacchin: (sweatdrop) I see ...
    Carroll: Join the club.
  7. Kon: So what did you mean by that comment?
    Sacchin: I 'unno ... I guess it's just, the fact that everyone only thinks of us in terms of our parental figures has been on my mind lately.
    Carroll: Ah, yeah ...
    Kon: Mhm.
  8. Sacchin: And I know there isn't really anything I can do about it ... but, y'know ...
    Kon: Yeah, just ... Well, don't do anything stupid, all right?
    Carroll: Oh yeah, you speak from experience, doncha, Kon?
  9. (Kon angrily turns to Carroll, who sweatdrops with wide-eyes and a cat-smile.)
    Kon: (almost childish) L-listen, you ...!
    Sacchin: Yeah, uh, I'll be careful about that ...
  10. (Someone surprises them from off-panel.)
    Someone Off-Panel: That's not all you can be careful about!
    Sacchin: Wha!?
    Kon: *You* guys!?
    Carroll: Uh-oh ...
  11. (Nue and Mima are floating off to one side, dressed in black suits. Mima is hatless.)
    Nue: ... We can probably cause all *kinds* of fun if you *aren't* careful!
    Text: The Chimeric Dark
    Text: NUE HOUJUU
    Mima: Ah, I always feel so nostalgic when I come to the Shrine ...
    Text: The Deathly Dusk
    Text: MIMA
  12. (Ex-Rumia and Yuka float nearby, also in black suits.)
    Rumia: AND!
    Yuka: (sleepy-eyed) Do we *have* to do all this?
    Rumia: What!? You've been with us for years. I thought you were used to night-work now.
    Text: The Shining Shadow
    Yuka: This time you didn't give me long enough to adjust myself.
    Text: The Horticultural Blackness
  13. (All four pose as a team against a sketchy dark background.)
    Yuka: I can get behind team-posing, though.
    Nue: Yeah!
    Text: The Apparitions Who Stalk The Night
    Text: TEAM ❽
    Text: (Because "Ya" Can Mean "Eight" Or "Night")
    Rumia: It's been a while since you kids had a good fight, hasn't it?
  14. (Back on the ground.)
    Kon: (sweatdrop) Okay, uh ... We can take 'em all on if we work together, right?
    Sacchin: (nervous) Y-Yeah, we've done it before, haven't we? Uh, Carroll, can you get Shanghai to come here?
    Carroll: (close to panic) If it's possible any way at all, yeah ...
  15. (Team 8 prepares to swoop down.)
  16. (Old Reimu suddenly looms menacingly behind Team 8; they all sweatdrop muchly, their previous smiles frozen.)
    Spell Card: Scuse Me 「You Just Plain F***ing LOSE」
  17. (Sacchin, Kon, and Carroll watch this.)
    Off-Panel SFX: NICE BOAT'd
    Sacchin: So, um, this was pretty much exactly the kind of thing I was talking about ...
    Carroll: (impishly) Well, y'know, don't go travelling back in time to try to use prior knowledge of (partly obscured by Kon's speech balloon) Incidents to --
    Kon: HUSH!

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Dizzy H. Muffin

@hideki101: Pay attention.

And it was never specified that Rumia is a member of Team ⑨.


Llp, I, uh. Well, that taught me to open my mouth before research.

Facteur Rien

Nue = win.
Rumia = win.
Yuka = win.
Mima = win.
All of them = Motherf*cking awesome team!!


So, is Sakuya going to have a sudden craving for green felt uniforms? :P.

Dizzy H. Muffin

No. :P


Overshadowed by your mum, isn't it sad, Sacchin?

I lol'ed.


Now I'm wondering if Cirno and Utsuho have a child in this. Do fairies even reproduce normally?



Cirno is a Youkai now.(I think ZUN said something about that Cirno was becoming a youkai.) And lost her resurrection because of it. (but got a huge power boost.)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Nope, no Cirnokuu kids.

But that's a rather shrewd guess about Cirno there, ssmagus. Not quite right in as many words, but it's the correct general philosophy.



woah, when did he say that? makes some sense, though... shes far beyond fairy cranked to 11 now...

as a bonus, CAPTCHA = ⑨


linkhyrule5: So, is Sakuya going to have a sudden craving for green felt uniforms? :P.

Kimiko Muffin: No. :P


Dizzy H. Muffin

"Sakuya felt her up while she was wearing it" is not the same thing as "made of the material 'felt'" :P


something who i do today for boreness.(and try the BIG cuantities of objects who create.swf have now!)
(yes,is from them...but is Yukari´s fault.(was her "surprise gift" after know about their "thing" and plays with the boundaries of female and male genders in Kourin WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION and that was the result.She turn him male again after the birth for Youki fanon pairings.)i need a meaning name for him,maybe like spirit of the forest or spirit of the rain...Youmori not sound fine.
woman in a tux=ELEGANT AWESOME


Team (8), Team (9) is one up on you!
@Krisslanza: If Rumia's THAT Yagami, then Reimu's Takamichi 'cause Rumia got "befriended"!
After all this time Sakuya should be an old ba -- um -- vampire herself!


Well, now that I've actually read the MSPA stuff, a couple questions...

1) Is Nue the Clubs Deuce equivalent of the group (the sillier one) as her title suggests?
2) If Yuka is the Hearts Boxcars equivalent, does she have similar luck with dice?

Dizzy H. Muffin

1. Yes.

2. Nah. They're Touhou themed, not gambling-themed. ;)


2) Aww... but the whole thing about Hearts Boxcasrs is that he always rolls bo- uh, right. :3

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