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Touhou Nekokayou #108 (Marisa Gear Solid): Mission: Okay We're Going To The Library


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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #108

Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #108a

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Characters: Marisa Kirisame, Lily White, Patchouli Knowledge, Nameless Fairies, Those Three Wacky Fairies Again, Nitori Kawashiro, Koakuma

Fun fact: this is the first Marisa Gear Solid comic I've made after I played any of the MGS games. (For the record, just MGS1 and 2. And watched a smattering of clips from each one, and read the Metal Gear Wiki's plot summaries.) In any event, I thought it was high time Patchouli got a chance to kick ass ...

So, yeah, I spent too much time getting the ! to look right. And designing the "soldier fairies"; if KirbyM hadn't added "red maid outift" in the latest update, they would have been wearing Ellen's outfit. I was also going to try to get them to better-resemble the enemies in EoSD, but I decided that it would be trying too hard (and anyway, Patchouli would have doubtlessly stepped up security since Marisa started stealing books ...) As Luna Child implies in panel 7, the soldier-fairies aren't a different type of fairy, they're just the same type with special equipment. I shall be sure to go into far too much detail about it at some point in the future!

And, of course, I wanted to establish that Lily White is still working for the SDM in the late-spring/summer. And so are the Three Crazy Fairies ... um, for a given value of "working."

I also redesigned the Codec screen to be less like it is in MGS2 (I figured Nitori and Marisa would start getting caught up in their own sense of style instead of trying to perfectly copy the games), and the "MISSION FAILEO" screen to be more like it is in MGS2.

Really, the only beings in Touhou who can possibly be as stupid as MGS guards are fairies. They don't even have the benefit of having Patchouli to shout them into better working order! That said, I will always cherish my memory of the first time I played Metal Gear Solid 2. I was just leading Emma into strut L, when I saw a pair of guards in a room that was down a short hallway. I shot one of them with my tranquilizer gun as he came into view of the hallway. He keeled over and started snoring. The second guard spotted the sleeping first guard, and walked over and kicked him awake. As the first guard got up, I shot him with the tranquilizer gun again. The second guard, who watched this happen, kicked the first guard awake again. I tranq'd the first guard again, the second one kicked him awake again, and then I got bored with this and moved to a position from which I could tranq the second guard ...


  1. (Marisa arrives at the SDM's library. Lily White is partially visible behind a nearby bookshelf.)
  2. (Lily, comes out from behind the bookshelf, revealing that she's in a maid uniform and holding a feather duster, and gets a red "!" over her head.)
    Lily: Wha!?
    Marisa: Gah!!
  3. (Lily flees and summons a sort of blue crystal, and Marisa zaps her with a spell.)
    Lily: AAAH! WE GOT -- AWK!
    SFX: radio crystal!
  4. (Lily falls down snoring onto the floor as Marisa makes her getaway.)
    Lily: ZZZ
    Patchouli: (through the crystal) What!? What's happened? ... Send an investigation team to Library Entrance B!
  5. (A group of generic fairies in red maid-like uniforms surround Lily, two wearing helmets and two with red bows. A helmet-fairy kicks Lily awake, while one with a bow checks in on another radio-crystal.)
    Radio Fairy: It was nothing. All clear!
    Patchouli: (darkly, through radio) .....
    Helmet-Fairy SFX: kick
    Lily: Z--*
    Text: *This is how guards in MGS2 actually behave
  6. (Patchouli's outburst startles the red fairies. Lily obliviously gets a blue "?" over her head.)
  7. (In another part of the library, the Three Wacky Fairies fly by in red uniforms; Sunny Milk is still wearing her usual headband, while Star Sapphire has a helmet and Luna Child has a red bow. There is a great big cardboard box in the background.)
    Star: Why do *I* have to wear the helmet when we're in assault-mode!?
    Sunny: Because you're the only one who doesn't get your hair *completely* messed up!
    Luna: So, um, Star, what do we do if we *do* find the witch? I mean, even with this power-boost ...
  8. (As they fly along, Star notices the box, and gets a blue "!" over her head.)
    Sunny: Well, Luna, we, uh, make a tactical retreat to call in reinforcements!
    Star: Huh?
    Luna: Yes! Good idea!
  9. (Star examines the box, with a blue "?" over her head. The box triple-sweatdrops.)
    Luna: Hmm ...
  10. (Star hurries after the others.)
    Sunny: STAAAAAR!
    Star: Coming!
    Marisa: (inside the box) Whew!
  11. (A modified codec screen. There is now a semitransparent blurred-out background under a green filter. The sound-meter still goes from 0 to OMG, but now it is shaped by the kanji ("kawa"/"river"). There are two frequencies: one on the left saying 3333.31, and one on the right saying 1337.26 and highlighted. Below that is "SEL" and "MEM" (highlighted), and below that is a list of frequencies and their users.)
    1666.67: Reimu
    9001.32: Alice
    1337.26: (highlighted) Nitori
    1234.56: Patchouli
  12. (The dual-screen opens up. Both frequencies are highlighted now, and the list is gone. Nitori's in the left window, Marisa's on the right.)
    Marisa: So, finally usin' the "outgoing codec" sound effects from the games, huh?
    Nitori: Yeah, I finally managed to crack Konami's sound-format!
    Marisa: ... while at the same time, using an interface that looks *less* like any of the games. Is that the kanji for "kawa"* I see?
    Nitori: Aheh ...
    Footnote: "kawa"/"river." Like in "Kawashiro." Which doesn't use *that* kanji, but yeah.
  13. Nitori: I still say you should've brought along my optical camoflage.
    Marisa: Eh, seriously, it wouldn'ta worked. A magician like Patchy could see right through it, and ... hang on, I'm gettin' a call ...
    Nitori: Huh? Okay, careful, it might be a trick ...
  14. (The left window is now occupied by a wild-eyed Koakuma, and its frequency is now 1352.64.)
    Koakuma: Hooray, it worked!
    Marisa: Koakuma!?
    Koakuma: It's *awesome* how you can just put it in your ear and then a magic interface does everything and stuff even if you don't know magic!
    Marisa: Uhhmm ...
  15. (Patchouli is visible through the codec-blur, approaching the box.)
    Koakuma: Oh yeah! There was something I needed to tell you about Patchouli!
    Marisa: Kid, my 'sperience is, you're never this hyper unless you've got somethin' up yer sleeve. Spit it out.
    Koakuma: Spit what out? My sleeve?
    Marisa: .....
  16. Koakuma: But okay. I'm a decoy and she's coming up behind you.
    Marisa: ... What.
  17. (Beat panel; Patchouli is now right next to the box.)
    Marisa: .....
  18. (Marisa flings the box back and narrowly dodges as Patchouli sends saws and gears after her.)
    Spell Card: Metal Wood Sign 「Metal Gear」
  19. Patchouli: Kirisame, you have four seconds to justify your thievery here.
    Marisa: I regret only that I have but one life to live for yer books!
  20. (The panel is engulfed in a fireball.)
    Spell Card: Hax Sign 「Royal Flare」
  21. (MGS2-style "MISSION FAILED" screen. Marisa lies prone outside the SDM, with smoke floating up from her body.)
    SFX: breebreep breebreep!
    Nitori: (through codec) Marisa ...? Marisa!?
    Marisa: Hi. Next time you update the codec, can you work on makin' it easier to *see*?
    Text: You have died. Would you like your possessions identified? (Y/N)
    Text: fhqwhgads

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Hooray for the 108!
I love the new codec design, it feels quite right, and the Wood Metal sign was just great.



Huh, I wouldn't have noticed Patchy in the codec panels (or that the background was visible at all) if you hadn't mentioned that in the transcript.


Have you, at all, played NetHack? Because that's the only game I know asks if you want your possessions identified after you die.

Tewi Inonymous

Question, why does marisa have patchies codec?

But anyways, GO PATCHY. Stop marisma from stealing your books.
Also, upgrade to a kindle, seriously.


Suddenly devious Koakuma is sudden and devious.

Doesn't Star have magical person-radar? Or did it not work because Marisa wasn't moving at the time?


@Mettan: He's been using that line in all the MGS comics, and yeah its referencing NetHack.

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Mettan: No, but I have a friend on IRC who has a script that parodies Nethack.

@Tewi Inonymous: Because Patchouli has called her before.

@Bocaj: I figured I should at least pay lipservice to ZUN's "trickster Koa is trickster" description of her in an interview. As for Star, pick one!

1. Motionless cardboard boxes are immune to all forms of conclusive detection.
2. How do you think she noticed the box in the first place? Now pay closer attention to the conversation between Sunny and Luna, and ask yourself if/why Star would feel differently.
3. I forgot when I made the comic! :3


Marisa should have Nitori look into a Radar, that and have a way for Patchouli's codec to be fooled when Marisa is on her raids.

Centari Klaar

Oh my!
I didn't notice Patchy in the background of the Codec Either until I read that in the comments!

Very clever!

What next? Someone acts like Raiden? Oh gosh who would it be XD


ah, another great entry to the MGS series.

you know, I never knew Nitori was so leet. Are there any other references in the other girls' frequencies?


oh, and I forgot. Great touch with Koa. Just like with Momimomi, I really don't like her Moe blob personality. On with the canon!


Heh. I notice Alice is OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!! :p.


Say come on fhqwhgads, Say come on fhqwhgads! Everybody to the limit, The Cheat is to the limit, say come on fhqwhgads.

It's been awhile since Homestar updated, neh?



I'm surprised nobody said that yet.


You know, I'm suprised you haven't done a joke with Meiling on the other line giving Marisa ancient Chinese proverbs.