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Touhou Nekokayou #107: Oneupgirlship

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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #107

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Characters: Yuka Kazami, Elly, Remilia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, Rika, Rinnosuke Morichika, Ellen "Tokiko" Tsubasa, Tenshi Hinanai, Iku Nagae, Reimu Hakurei

I got the idea for this comic while playing Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. In one ending, Reimu ponders the idea of making "destroy the shrine and rebuild it" a regular thing. That said, I decided to pick a group of characters who would be most likely to want to knock over the Shrine, and are accounted for in the curren timeframe. (Yeah, I suppose Remilia is stretching things a bit, but ...)

The first panel's background (oh, and here's one of the tiles) is basically based on the end of Lotus Land Story's stage 3. As usual, I'd like credit if you were to use it ...

I suppose Tokiko doesn't really have much to complain about, considering she was introduced to Touhou by way of "Reimu beat her up because she had a book." (No, it doesn't make a whole lot more sense in context.)

Originally I was going to make Yuka telling Tenshi to shut up into a running gag, but there was really only enough room for the one.

On 24 April 2010, since I'd already decided that Ellen doesn't exist in my continuity on the grounds that ZUN stole her from some manga, I decided that Tokiko's never-specified-anywhere real name was Ellen. I then threw "wing" into Google Translate, and got back Tsubasa. So, her real name is Ellen Tsubasa. (Not that this ever actually comes up in the dialogue, so I only have to change the character-listing. But you just know I'm gonna end up shipping her with Rinnosuke ...)


  1. (At the entrance to the mansion in Mugenkan, Yuka takes off and starts to fly away; Elly sees her off.)
    Yuka: I'm gonna knock over the Hakurei Shrine, see if that gets Reimu off her ass for a rematch!
    Elly: Good luck! See ya when I see ya!
  2. (Remilia and Flandre in a random hallway in the SDM.)
    Remilia: I'm gonna knock over the Hakurei Shrine, just to keep Reimu on her toes!
    Flandre: Why does it increasingly feel like *I'm* the mature one?
  3. (Rika has her Flower Tank parked in front of Kourindou, with Rinnosuke and Tokiko looking on.)
    Rika: (to no one in particular) I shall destroy the Hakurei Shrine, and have my revenge!!
    Rinnosuke: O ... kay, just as long as this results in you removing this horrendous contraption *very soon.*
    Tokiko: (aside) And this is revenge for ... the shrine maiden stopping her from attacking her?
  4. (Tenshi prances through the heavens; Iku is moored off-panel via a glowing red chain.)
    Tenshi: I'm gonna smash the shrine, just because I'm bored~!
  5. (They arrive to discover that the Shrine has already been destroyed. Rika is standing on the Flower Tank.)
    All Four: .....
  6. (A view of the arch, with the four of them standing there.)
    Tenshi: (shocked) I didn't do it!
    Yuka: Shut up. Okay, what happened here?
    Rika: Hmm.
    Remilia: Uh, you mean besides "somebody destroyed the shrine before we got a chance to"? (aside) Not that I wouldn't be annoyed if one of *you* had beat me to it, but ...
  7. Rika: (climbing to the top of the flower tank) It looks like it was caused by a series of impacts or something ...
    SFX: hop up
    Tenshi: Yeah ... but not the kind that's caused by something getting dropped on it ...
    Yuka: You'd know, wouldn't you?
    Remilia: No, she's right -- it almost looks like something hit it from *inside* ...
  8. Off-Panel: IT WAS ME!
    Rika: (falling off the tank) Wha!?
    Tenshi: Huh!?
    Yuka: What.
    Remilia: .....
  9. (Reimu stands among the wreckage with the Yin-Yang orb next to her.)
    Reimu: I DID IT MYSELF!
    Yin-Yank Orb SFX: doink doink
    Yuka: (off-panel) Why!?
    Tenshi: (off-panel, sweatdrop) Ummm...
    Remilia: (off-panel) I ... but ... what ... why would you ... this ... I don't even ... What the hell!?
    Reimu: Well, it sure stopped you from doing it, didn't it!? (aside) Also I figured it was just about time for another rebuild...

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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Makes sense.

*sneaks off to add "One Steve Limit" to the TV Tropes page*

Dizzy H. Muffin

*sneaks off to take Luize and Sara off the Discontinuity list* He just got the names from elsewhere, not the entire characters. I'm not going to excise Alice just because he got the name from Alice in Wonderland, after all. :P


I guess I was thinking in terms of "ZUN took the characters from works by the same author", without processing the part where those two are just the names of the characters, while Ellen is the actual character.

Beta Maxis

I wonder how Tenshi lost Iku.


@Beta Maxis: Tenshi apparently chained her up. You can see the chain in the panel and the script mentions it.

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