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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #104

Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #104a

Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #104b

Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red #104c

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Characters: Marisa Kirisame, Alice Margatroid, Shanghai, Rin Satsuki, Reimu Hakurei, Meimu, Yukari Yakumo, Utsuho Reiuji, Cirno, Chen, Wriggle Nightbug, Daiyousei, Keine Kamishirasawa

東方再想天則 〜 Rethinking the Natural Law (Touhou 12.3i) begins here ... and ends here. Hooray, I sort of broke a length-record again~

This is generally half-spread-out and half-compressed. I'm basically importing the culimation of Cirno's TH12.3-storymode as-is. And sorry about not including Meiling and Sanae; they were basically done here already. Another important thing is that this ends up not being an important Incident, beyond Hisou Tensoku's appearance, and that wasn't particularly significant either.

That said, I basically just had fun goofing off with Meimu's dialogue, and the fight sequences, and having Meimu completely lose control of the situation. Then there's another shoutout to Fist of the North Star ...

... oh, and we finally learn Meimu's identity as Yukari's daughter, Kon Yakumo! (And "Kon" means "Navy-Blue," so she's basically right there with Ran on the color-spectrum.) Speaking of which, Future-Yukari's "I know you won't — because you didn't" line is almost a direct quote from David Xanatos of Disney's Gargoyles fame. Yes, that Xanatos. (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Muffin will not be held responsible for hours of time lost as a result of following it.But see also this disclaimer)

Also, I'm extrapolating the conversation between Reimu, Marisa, and Yukari from one of Reimu's victory quotes against Yukari in Arcade Mode. Either ZUN was foreshadowing that shit's about to get real in Touhou 13, or one of us is fooling around. (Also, fun fact: Team ⑨ is making their appearance ... in part 4's ninth panel.)


SEQUEL HOOK! (Warning, link leads to TVTropes. Previous disclaimer appliesBut see also this disclaimer)


  1. (Alice stands in front of her house with Shanghai hovering behind her. Marisa arrives on her broom.)
    Alice: Ah, you're back! Did everything go okay?
    Marisa: Ya mean did an old friend come back from the dead and decided to make amends with Yukari instead of wantin' to blow her up? Yeah.
  2. (Marisa lands.)
    Alice: (sweatdrop) That ... sounds ... interesting.
    Marisa: Yeah, I'll tell you all about it over snuggles.
  3. Alice: Well, all right. Is Reimu doing okay?
    Marisa: She's fine, but I'mma tell you more inside. How's the "Doll Enlargement project" goin'? (aside) Too bad I couldn't help more since it's all doll-work now ...
  4. (Cirno staggers in.)
    Alice: Yeah, I've basically run out of experiments and simulations. I need some practical data now -- an actual *fight.*
    Marisa: A fight, you say?
    Cirno: Must ... find ... giant ... thingy ...
  5. (A big long-panel in Gap Land, except with an annoyed-looking Reimu on the right in Meimu's usual place, her Gohei at the ready. Meimu is somewhat cowering off to the left, with Rin Satsuki standing behind her.)
    Rin: Reimu! Glad you could join us!
    Meimu: .....
  6. (Meimu is backing away slightly.)
    Reimu: I still think this whole idea of yours was dumb.
    Rin: But you're still going to go along with it, right?
    Meimu SFX: back away slightly
  7. Reimu: Mmm ... no. "Go back to your gaps and lemme do what I want here."
    SFX: annoyance isn't faked
    Rin: (thought cloud) Ah, good, the codephrase that means she *will* do it.
    Rin: Well, fine then. See you later!
    Meimu: Ah ...
  8. (Rin is gone, with a gap in her place.)
    Rin: (thought cloud, from the gap) Not that it takes much to fool *that* girl ...
    Reimu: So ... you.
    Meimu: Y-yes! Reimu Hakurei!
  9. (With the gap gone, Meimu advances on Reimu.)
    Reimu: (glancing askance) Um.
    Meimu: You're the one! I mean, you three are the one! I mean, we all have to live in your shadow because you're more famous than us!
  10. Reimu: I'll just say: "What?"
    Meimu: I mean you, Marisa, and Y-Yukari! I don't see why you all should have all the fun of everyone thinking you're awesome while I ... I ...
    Meimu: I KNOW! And I'm gonna *stop* it from happening!!
  12. (Meimu is starting to look put upon.)
    Reimu: (sweatdrop) You know, Tenshi's "get everyone to beat you up" gambit is only good for boredom, anyway.
    Meimu: Well I can make it work for *me*! ... um ... just as long as I don't meet Yukari ...
  13. (Reimu darkly, making Meimu nervous.)
    Meimu: ... and ... make a ... time paradox ...
  14. Reimu: You know what? I don't care anymore. Fight me if you want, whatever. I just ... this is just too stupid.
    Meimu: W-well, fine, then! I'll beat you up for saying that! And I'll fight for *real* this time!
  15. (Meimu hits Reimu with a thick spell card.)
    Meimu: RAWR!
    Spell Card: Border Sign 「Edge of Darkness」
    Reimu: Augh!
  16. (Reimu lays there inertly, her gohei sticking out of the ground beside her.)
    Meimu: Uh...?
    Reimu: Mmmph ...
  17. (Reimu gets up.)
    Reimu: Okay, you win. You've beaten your appointed arch-nemesis. Happy now?
    Meimu: Y-you ... threw the fight.
  18. Reimu: (picking up her gohei) Maybe. What if I did? I've decided you aren't even worth winning against.
    Meimu: You *what*!? This ... I ... you ... what ... the ... it ... bees ...
  19. (Reimu rises up and busts out Fantasy Heaven.)
    Spell Card: Hax Sign 「Fantasy Heaven」
    Reimu: You want more, then? Okay! AAATATATATATATATATATATA
  20. (An aperture opens up to the Hakurei Shrine, and Reimu jumps through as Meimu gets to her feet.)
    SFX: ZUN
    Reimu: Later.
  21. (The aperture closes, and Rin Satsuki comes out of a gap behind Meimu upside-down.)
    SFX: BEOom
    Meimu: (red in the face) I'M GOING TO BLOW UP GENSOKYO!!
    Rin: I doubt that very much.
  22. Meimu: I'LL ... um ... You sometimes like coming out of gaps and stuff upside-down too?
    Rin: (cheerful) Are you saying you don't?
  23. Meimu: Bah! My whole plan is ruined now! And it's all your fault!
    Rin: Meimu, there's nothing I could have possibly done that would've made your plan any worse than it was as-is.
  24. Meimu: I don't care! I'm gonna beat you anyway!
    Rin: Uh-huh. And it's this *exact* attitude which resulted in your plan's failure to begin with.
  25. (Meimu leaps forward at Rin.)
    Rin: Hah. Prepare yourself!
  26. (A cloud of dust with danmaku shooting out -- leaves and sunflowers on the left, and dark red-and-puple bullets on the right.)
    Spell Card: Flower Sign ...
    Spell Card: Edge Sign ...
    Spell Card: Wind Sign ...
    Spell Card: Time Sign ...
  27. Narration Box: Meanwhile ...
    (In front of Alice's house, a Goliath Doll is dual-wielding swords against a panicked Cirno, with Alice standing in the background. There are ice shards scattered around the doll's feet.)
    Spell Card: Testing 「Goliath Doll」
  28. Narration Box: Wait, no.
    (Meimu dodges Rin's leaf-danmaku and hits her with danmaku of her own.)
    Meimu: HAH!
    Rin: AUGH!
  29. (Rin lies on the ground.)
    Meimu: Yes! The fact that I beat you through luck when you had me at almost no health proves that I am superior!!
  30. (It fades to sepia-ish like Metal Gear Solid 3's game over screen.)
    SFX: typetypetypetype typetypetype typetypetypetype
    Text: CONTINUE (3 LEFT)
    Text: EXIT
  31. (Rin leaps back up to Meimu's level.)
    Rin: NOT YET!
    Meimu: What!?
  32. Meimu: Argh, just stay down already!!
    Rin: Sorry, I'm just too used to getting back up again.
  33. (Yukari in her fighting-game appearance comes up behind Meimu, who blanches and gets a "!" over her head.)
    Rin: Anyway, you have other things to worry about now.
    Yukari: Hi.
  34. (They land; Rin moves back to give Yukari and Meimu room.)
    Meimu: Ah! W-we m-meet at l-last! I ... uh ... how did you get here?
    Yukari: Through an aperture you left open, of course!
    Meimu: Huh? Which one? I thought I closed them all ...
  35. (Yukari looms over an absolutely panicked Meimu against a sketchy pink background.)
    Yukari: (merrily pissed off) THE ONE YOU LEFT OPEN SO YOU COULD GET BACK HOME.
    Meimu: OH! MOM! Uh, I can explain!! Um ...
    Rin: (off-panel) Aha!
  36. (Rin looks on as an aperture appears next to Yukari. Yukari poofs Meimu's clothes into a more simple red dress.)
    Yukari: Good. You can give your explanation to Reimu, Yuyuko, and our Rin. And no sexy outfits, either. You are in very big trouble, Kon Yakumo.
    Meimu: Ahh ...
    SFX: poof
  37. (Meimu/Kon flies up to the aperture.)
    Rin: Later! Don't worry, I won't tell "you" any paradoxical details.
    Yukari: Oh, I know you won't -- because you didn't.
  38. Narration Box: 49 years later ...
    (Kon and Yukari arrive out of a closing aperture in Yukari's yard.)
    Kon: How did you even *know*!?
    Yukari: Well, there's the fact that you left an aperture open in our front yard, and I can see even "hidden" ones.
  39. (Yukari starts to walk off-panel.)
    Yukari: But I actually figured it out five years ago, when you first started calling yourself "Meimu." Now let's go seal away your time-travel ability ...
    Kon: Ah ...
  40. Narration Box: Meanwhile, back in the past, which is in the present ...
    (Marisa, Yukari, Reimu, and Rin are at the Shrine.)
    Reimu: You sure you can't stay a little while longer?
    Rin: Sorry, I've just got too many things I need to do in the Outside if I want to move back here permanently.
  41. Marisa: Well hurry back, anyway!
    Yukari: It'll be interesting to have you around.
    Reimu: Goodbye!
    Rin: See you in about six months!
  42. Text: ......
  43. Narration Box: A few days later ...
    (Reimu, Yukari, and Marisa sit on at the Shrine, drinking tea.)
    Reimu: Well, that was kind of more annoying than anything else. I mean, apart from Rin.
    Yukari: Indeed ... though I'm curious enough about this "Gap Land" to want to investigate it.
    Marisa: Glad things're back to normal, anyways.
  44. Reimu: Yeah ... how's that doll-project going?
    Marisa: You mean the Goliath Doll project? Yeah, she's steppin' it up after that rumor about a huge youkai.
    Yukari: (sipping tea) The one Cirno supposedly fought?
  45. (Cirno and Utsuho are hanging around by the edge of the lake with miscellaneous members of Team ⑨, all of them looking skeptical.)
    Chen: And it ... *wasn't* that Hisou Tensoku thing that the kappa built?
    Cirno: Nononono! This was a big youkai with sword-claws and thingies!
    SFX: completely forgot about Alice controlling it
    Narration Box: And so Cirno's tale grew in the telling, until Alice didn't recognize her own creation when the rumor reached her.
  46. (Back at the Shrine.)
    Yukari: And you said Byakuren and her crew are also settling in just fine?
    Marisa: Mmm.
    Reimu: Yeah ... I dunno ...
  47. (An overview of the top of the Shrine.)
    Text: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red
    Text: 東方再想天則
    Text: Rethinking the Natural Law
    Text: END
    Reimu: Ever since that mess, it's just kinda felt like the calm before the storm.
  48. (A long panel in Gap Land, with Yukari and Keine standing there.)
    Keine: Well, this realm definitely has a very strange-looking past, considering it's made from the ... shadows of shards of broken history.
    Yukari: Yes, I figured you'd feel that way.
    Keine: But yes, I can confirm that this "Meimu" person is from the year 174, and she created a minor stable time loop. But that's not the problem ...
    Yukari: What is it, then?
    Keine: ... there's *no way* Meimu created Gap Land.
    Yukari: ... What?
    Keine: Yeah. It's chronologically impossible. There's someone else who can either manipulate boundaries/edges, or history, or shadows.
    Yukari: Oh *great*.

All Touhou characters are © Team Shanghai Alice and/or ZUN; create.swf is ⑨ KirbyM with help from Thefre. "Sakura petals" brush in main/4koma logo was made by Kisara Girl. "Falling leaves" brush in 60-Years logo came with Photoshop.

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One might question why Yukari let Kon have access to time travel in the first place until one remembers how lazy she is.

Also, its good to see this wrapped up to your satisfaction. Looking forward to your next work whether it be fanfic, epic comic, gag comic, or a glow in the dark snorkel decorated with Mima's likeness.


Wow, great ending. And I guess we'll have to wait some more for TH13, seeing as we just had Double Spoiler.

Also, SEQUEL HOOK! Man, I hope you already thought it out somewhat, no fun if it's just an Ass Pull.


Ah, yesy, that's a much better end! I mean, not that *I* minded the original version, but whatever.

I'm still calling that this "mysterious history/boundary/shadow youkai" is that Sasha character. I am almost certainly wrong, but that's actually kinda the point.

Okay, prediction time:
*The next comic will be a 4koma (or 9koma) about pure silliness.
*Umm... carp, I know I had more predictions, but I can't remember...

Eh, whatever. Looking forward to a return to non-storyline silliness! :3


too bad Rin, now you get the bad ending because you couldn't 1CC her

@Bocaj: with Yukari's power, its not that difficult to do (and Kon seems to have enough of it to pull it off as well). get your hands on anything that lets you see into the future (crystal ball, possibly Remilia, etc) or the past (Keine, mutated slide developing solution, etc), then just blur the line between the two and throw a portal.


@sRc I was referring to the fact that Yukari is also strong enough to seal this power off in others and waited until now to do it. But as mentioned, she is sorta lazyish.

Young Demon Lord

1.) (9) captcha = 8 + this footnote (which is one).
2.) It's obvious: Keine created Gap Land, with Yukari's help. She has manipulation over history. She has already analyzed the structure well enough to say that Gap Land is broken shards of history, so now, all she has to do is have Yukari take her back in time and figure out how she and Yukari can create these Edges of History.

The end result was thus: Keine figured out how to rearrange history so that other small, stable loops could be used to compress the timeline already in place. She guided Yukari through the breakage of the shards (by creating edges around segments of the timeline). Keine then placed the shards approximately where they needed to be to create the stable loops, and Yukari fine-tuned them to cast the appropriate shadows. This compressed the time line a great deal while keeping events ordered, so it's now easier for Keine to watch over the whole of history. The spaces between the shards is this Gap Land, where the shadows are cast. The rearrangement of the timeline had a two-fold effect on the rest of the world: One effect is what we call "deja vu", where we feel like something's happening again. The other is the apparent acceleration of time as you grow older. Remember how school used to take forever in the lower grade levels, but when you got older, you wondered where each semester went as each one came to a close? How short do each of your years feel to you now? The reason why these effects are ongoing is because Keine and Yukari are always fine-tuning the timeline to keep it compressed as more and more history is created every instant.

Character limit yet?

Dizzy H. Muffin

@sRc: Nah, this is Touhou 12.3, it doesn't have multiple endings.

Also, Future-Yukari didn't want to create a time paradox by preventing this Incident from happening in the first place. There's a stable time-loop here: Kon's actions don't have any real from her perspective — her time travel event did not change history, because in her past, she arrives from the future and causes this Incident. Among other things, she got Rin Satsuki to hook back up with Reimu earlier than she might have otherwise, and Rin probably helped Cirno hook up with Utsuho (reinforcing the tenuous threads connecting this to the Canon Timeline). If Yukari prevented this from happening, it would have changed history. This might have prevented [major benefit of Rin having showed up earlier which I haven't come up with yet], or even prevented Kon from being born in the first place! It would create a time paradox! Besides which, as a result of the Incident, "Meimu" got taken down a much-needed peg.

@Young Demon Lord: ... no. Apart from everything else that's wrong with that, such as why they're doing it, they already said it's edges of shattered/broken history, and Rin's already gone over that.


I consistently enjoy your sound effects. They're so unconventional. :3


Rin Satsuki have Flower and Wind Power.


Dizzy H. Muffin

/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

Yeah, according to her wiki page, the hacked code included references to "Flower Sign" and "Wind Sign."


Am I the only one who realizes the following --
Ran the Fox: Kon kon.

* Hint hint... *

Dizzy H. Muffin

... oh. No, I didn't actually know about that, I just picked a color that I thought would work ;P


@What: Um... I don't get it.


Me neither. Also, my CAPTCHA today is (6).

Dizzy H. Muffin

Hint: Google "fox" and "kon kon." ;P

Tewi Inonymous


Dizzy H. Muffin

Language plz.


Good end.

Looking forward to the next arc.


Nice ending but I wonder why did Cirno seem so confused?


Just noticed Meimu randomly spouting "bees" right before Reimu goes Fantasy Heaven. If I don't say it now, the moment will be lost:

"Bees. My god."

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Duran: This is Cirno we're talking about. Does she need a reason to be confused?

(Also I hadn't meant her to be confused per se, just foolish and forgetful.)


So Kon/Meimu's time is 49 years later? Would that mean an older Kon/Meimu would appear in one of the 60 years later bit?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Well, this is 125 GC, so technically it's 55 years later, since the whole point of it is "at the end of the 60-year cycle which begins in PoFV."

-- actually, 54, because the bulk of the Fate of 60 Years comics are before the next cycle actually begins.

Facteur Rien

By the way, can I use your character Kon Yakumo for a fanfic?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Hmm. Well, Meimu is already a sort of "free-to-use" character, so there's no intrinsic problem there. As for making her Yukari's biological daughter and giving her the real name of "Kon," well ... Go ahead, just don't forget all the implications of the fact that she's my creation (i.e. she won't be immediately recognizable to people the way Yukari or even Meimu-as-such would be). And don't try to rip me off too much. ;)