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This page is entirely inspired by seeing people ship Mokou and Akyu, or Flandre and Sunny Milk. No, I'm not making this up, I've actually seen fanart of both of those. So just fill it out and stuff!

Windows Characters

Not Present (Rin Satsuki, Youki Konpaku, Myouren Hijiri)

PC-98 Characters

Ellen (Requires PC-98)

Manga Characters/Fairies

Original Characters (General)

Original Characters (Mine)

Objects and Animals

Use all four quadrants

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Dizzy H. Muffin

okay I have gone on a rampage of deleting spoilers for the special messages. I also added Goliath Doll, and added some more special messages based on peoples' comments.


Ok so have you added onto this list the members of 10 Desires as of late?

Dizzy H. Muffin


So ... Ten Desires is released with five new characters, should we update this?


Did it already. Forgot to say I did. :3c


I came across Shanghai X Goliath Doll, which has a special message, which raises a good point.


It seems that all of the pairings on the Scarlet Weather Archive pairings page have messages, including the ones in the "Pairing Which Don't Count" section. Except Yukari × Aya. And ONLY that.


Why do I get this odd feeling that if Achi-Cirno was paired off with Moku that it would have a quote through the fires and flames for some reason. Also if Achi-Crino and Crino were paired off that they would have something to do with fire and ice?

Also, I didn't know that until after I posted that so cure my laziness at times.


So, first time with the Ten Desires characters and the second result gave me Mamizou Futatsuiwa × Mamizou Futatsuiwa. I'm going to have to agree with that special message. Hmm... is there one for Mamizou × Ran, given that Mamizou doesn't get along with foxes? Time to find out.


Shizuha ♠ Shizuha
Oh the self-loathing.

Also, Suwako ♦ Suwako.
There must be some shenanigans going on if their personalities differ enough for one to be the moirail to the other.


I think, I got Flandre Scarlet X Flandre Scarlet at least four times. Previously, I got Shizuha Aki X Shizuha Aki multiple times. The Random Number God likes self-cest, methinks.


@Bossman: You'll be wanting to turn on quadrant relationships for that; there's no special message for Mamizou × Ran. (For both of those, in fact; Mamizou has more than one special-case message, and I don't just mean the red and black versions.)

@Nyarly: Well, you'd expect to see Flandre four times, considering.
That would be my "kyu" to leave...


If Byakuren Hijiri x Chiyuri Kitashirakawa, then Yumemi Okazaki x CAPTAIN MURASA!


wait...Myon x Youmu or Youki Konpaku counts like selfsest? after all, a "myon" is the spiritual part of a Konpaku...and even can obtain the same look of their phisical bodies...


I just landed Masha x Masha and laughed my ass off. [in my mind]

Though I have to admit, that sounds so sexy the way you write it.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Ok I have added Cirno-nee to the "general OCs" list. And I discovered I forgot to have incest-messages for the TPSS sues.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Whee, just a few more messages added~

Random person of randmoness

This is amusing to mess with.


I wonder if there should be a special message for Hisou Tensoku and Goliath Doll?

Sparky Sparky Boom Witch

I've noticed that auspisticism sometimes doesn't trigger time paradoxes even if all three parties are the same person. For instance, Reimu Hakurei ♣ PC-98 Reimu / Old Reimu gets no paradox message, and neither does Sakuya Izayoi ♣ Sakuya Izayoi / Sakuya Izayoi.

Still, this is fun to play around with. I really liked the message for Yuuka Kazami × PC-98 Yuuka.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, I think I kind of really gave up trying to make comprehensible messages for auspisticism~

Of course it's been ages since I actually looked at the code, so ...

Dizzy H. Muffin

OK, I've added the DDC cast.

Also, Tojiko x Miko is canon (sort of)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Updated with HM, ULiL, and LLC.

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