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Yes, but who IS Dizzy H. Muffin?

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or, Not A Man, Of Wealth, Or A Great Deal Of Taste Either

So ... I am just this American lesbian who was born on October 9th, 1985 (currently 33 years old). I used to be known as "KimikoMuffin" but I changed it.

I'm a fan of Touhou, Undertale, and various other things. My Homestuck classpect is probably "Maid of Heart." I am battling depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and a general sense of ennui; I'm mostly winning insofar as I haven't died yet. I want to make games; as far as playing them, I have a very specific idea of what kind of games I want to play. See my blog for information on my current situation and other developments.

I'm on the Autism spectrum, and living on welfare due to my being fundamentally unemployable. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from a local liberal arts college; the CMS for the website you are reading this on was my senior project. The majority of the useful skills I know were gained after I graduated. I am buried under crippling loan debt, like most college graduates these days. I am one of the writers for the tabletop RPG Costume Fairy Adventures.