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Yes, but who IS KimikoMuffin?

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or, Not A Man, Of Wealth, Or A Great Deal Of Taste Either

So ... I am just this American gal who was born on October 9th, 1985 (currently 31 years old). I'm trans, if you must know, although it's kinda hard to see how anyone who's been paying attention to this site would miss this. I am basically a flavor of asexual which is impossible to pronounce.1

I'm on the Autism spectrum, and living on welfare due to my being fundamentally unemployable. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from a local liberal arts college; the CMS for the website you are reading this on was my senior project. The majority of the useful skills I know were gained after I graduated. I am buried under crippling loan debt, like most college graduates these days. I am one of the writers for the tabletop RPG Costume Fairy Adventures.

I'm a fan of Touhou, Homestuck, and various other things. My Homestuck classpect is probably "Maid of Heart." I am currently battling depression, sleep problems, and a general sense of ennui. I want to make games; as far as playing them, I have a very specific idea of what kind of games I want to play. See my blog for information on my current situation and other developments.

1"Autochorissexual", for what it's worth.