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Everywhere Quest #0025: Crappy upd8 but I didn't want to miss two days in a row


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> Maybe she was trying to welcome you to the jam.

"That is a pretty good approximation, I guess," says Prayer's Mania. You can hear the a smirk in his voice.

> You don't know; that's why she's Jenny Nowhere.

Prayer's Mania makes glowy eyes appear over his mask, so that he can roll them. "Aw c'mon, the difficulty's probably 20, tops. What would Encyclopedia Brown do in a ...?" He stops. "Hang on, do you actually know that I got Dr. Richard Devilish, Sr. to attack?" You briefly feel a telepathic touch. "Yeah, looks like you do. Seriously, you should have enough information for at least an educated guess."

> _

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