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Everywhere Quest #0024: Not a Prayer


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> This your handiwork, or you just enjoying the scenery?

Heh. No, Jenny Nowhere's the one who set off the Chaos Dunk. I mean, obviously.

Then, in his real voice, "I mean, do I look like a basketball player to you?" He sounds the same as his telepathic voice.

You briefly entertain the notion of how ridiculous this question would sound to someone who didn't know how skilled you'd have to be at b-ball to do a Chaos Dunk, and are entertained in turn. Prayer's Mania interrupts your thoughts with a theatric sigh, and gazes out over the water wistfully. "Some day, though ..." He lets out a throaty chuckle.

> While we want this "game" to just be over already, we should (reluctantly) ask what he plans to make us do next. Also: Ask about his win ratio, just to get that note out of the way.

Ghostly green arms appear at his shoulders, and he uses them to get up to his feet. His real arms are still bound in the strait jacket (which has a glowing green cross on the front as well). "I almost always lose when I'm against a 'hero' like you, and I always win against anyone else. I don't play against many 'heroes,' heh heh heh."

He puts his ghostly hands on his hips, and looks out over the water. "Usually, I just kill my ... 'opponents' when I get bored or run out of ideas for the game. This time, though, I'm not calling as many of the shots, and the nebulous goals and time limit aren't just because I'm making shit up as I go along, it's also because you don't know anything about Jenny Nowhere or what she's up to. And instead of being locked up in a building somewhere, you're playing in the entire city. Not saying I won't get bored and show you my Mania early, but ..."

You finally fail to suppress the grimace that's been building up since he started talking.

> "Okay, seriously, what the hell?"

He snickers, turning back to you. "What, the dunk, or my style?" He raises his glowy arms to the heavens. "I AM PRAYER'S MANIA!" His mask starts glowing with weird green shit and unhooks itself from his face and rises up. He has wild eyes, a wilder grin, and a badly-shaven face. "I decided that this would be my entire aesthetic, and that I would take it ..."

The glowing hands grasp the mask and replace it over his face. The glowiness on the mask mostly fades away, leaving behind cartoonish face with solid circles for eyes and a crescent-shaped grin.

... and run with it, to the ends of the earth.

> Say "That is ridiculously cliche. I mean, it's ominous, don't get me wrong, but it's cliche."

The eyes shrink slightly, and the crescent shifts to a ":3"-shape, before all the glowiness disappears completely. "Hey, coming up with new ideas? Hard as fuck," he says cheerfully. The glowiness that seemed to come from under his clothes returns. "The Chaos Dunk, now ... you're the smart one. Why don't you tell me what Jenny Nowhere was doing?"

> _

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I died. Prayer's Mania, I had expectations, but this page ends it.

> Jenny: " Enough with the talking, let's fight... what kind of fight again?"


Maybe she was trying to welcome you to the jam.